Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Narcissist-in-Chief Watches Documentary* About Himself; "Too Busy" to Watch Election Returns

One thing that can be said about Barack Obama: politics isn't in the man's blood. Can you imagine any real politician admitting--even boasting--that he didn't watch the results of important off-year political races? Bob Gibbs, White House Media Maven Extraordinaire, told White House correspondents that last night Obama was busy watching a documentary about himself and last year's presidential election, and evidently wasn't really all that into the Virginia, New Jersey, New York, and other races around the country.

Perhaps Bob's answer was his idea of a hilarious joke--who knows with that guy, since he giggles and smirks his way through every White House briefing. If that's the case, someone should clue Bob in that narcissist jokes ought to be off the table where Obama is concerned.

Not so funny is the report that Obama has turned down an invitation from German Chancellor Angela Merkel to attend the festivities on November 9 marking the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Our aforementioned hero, White House spokesman Bob Gibbs, says that Obama is too busy to attend the event.

Obama had no problem using Germany when he needed them, delivering a major campaign speech in Berlin in 2008 while on his quest to be King of the World. Today, however, he is much too busy practicing his pick and roll, working on his golf handicap, and watching documentaries about himself to find time to mark something so mundane as the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. People may wonder (even out loud) how dissing the German's on their anniversary celebration furthers Obama's personal popularity in Europe, but that issue is so last year. Grow up.

*Correction: After obtaining a transcript of the news presser, NewsBusters is reporting that Obama did not watch the HBO movie about himself last night. He also didn't watch election results. Here's Our Hero Bob Gibbs "communicating" with reporters: He did not watch – as I told some of you – did not watch election returns. I wouldn’t read a ton into that since he didn’t actually watch election returns when he was running. If you did watch the movie on HBO – we called him and told him he won Iowa. He did not watch election returns. . . . He just doesn’t – I mean, again, and I don't mean to sort of oversimplify this, but he never watched them when he was running. He just doesn’t.”

You can forgive the incorrect report about Obama watching the HBO movie if you try to follow that tortured string of sentences from Gibbs. Huh? If Gibbs would quit the giggling through his briefings, he might be a bit more comprehensible. You can also forgive journalists for not listening to him very closely. Can you imagine a worse job--you work hard in your career, you get the Washington beat, you get a promotion, wow, you're a White House correspondent--and Bob Gibbs is the moron you have to listen to every day? Timing is everything, and these poor slobs in the White House press corps have lousy career timing.

However, I stand by my original statement: Barack Obama is obviously not a man with politics in his blood. So how did he get where he is today?

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