Sunday, November 08, 2009

God Bless Fort Hood

I already posted about Kimberly Munley, one of the heroes of the Fort Hood massacre. Here's another hero, Sergeant Mark Todd. Here's the report from the UK Telegraph. Too bad we can't get this from our own lamestream media.

Sgt. Mark Todd joined Sgt. Kimberly Munley, hailed as a hero for her actions, in a firefight with Hasan that lasted less than a minute. Todd was not wounded, but the exchange left Munley injured and Hasan critically wounded.

Seconds after Todd arrived on the scene, he said he saw a calm-looking Hasan, his gun drawn and his fingers pointing at people outside the Soldier Readiness Processing Center. Todd said he then saw Hasan shooting at soldiers as they attempted to flee.

“He was firing at people as they were trying to run and hide,” Todd said Saturday.

That’s when Todd, a retired soldier who now works as a civilian police officer at Ford Hood, said he shouted at Hasan to stop.

“I told him, ‘Stop and drop your weapons!’ I identified myself as police, and he turned and fired a couple of rounds at me. I didn’t hear him say a word. … He just turned and fired.”

Church deacon Bob Butler worked Saturday on a memorial at Central Christian Church in Killeen, Texas. The memorial, 13 crosses and 30 flags, will honor those killed and wounded in the shooting spree at Fort Hood.

Update: George W. Bush and Laura Bush made a private visit (not secret, as has been reported in the lamestream media, but private--which means, for those Leftist nutroots who don't seem to understand plain English, that he went there without official cameras to record his visit) to Fort Hood on Friday night. Where was Commander-in-Chief Obama? He was at Camp David on Friday night, relaxing after a tough week, but who really cares? Fort Hood didn't seem to be broken up about not seeing him there.

Update: Here's a personal message for Dirt Bag Geraldo Rivera of Fox News, who more than once said on air that he was "most sorry for" the Muslims in America who will face "widespread discrimination and prejudice" from Americans because of the 3-name Muslim murdering bastard who murdered and terrorized the soldiers and civilian workers at Fort Hood. Personally, I think Geraldo Rivera should be shown the door at Fox.

Geraldo, this is for you: an interview with a wife of a soldier injured during the terrorist attack at Fort Hood. Personally, I am "most sorry for" the innocent victims at Fort Hood, like this woman and her soldier husband, who was one day away from coming home to his wife from his tour in Afghanistan when he was gunned down by a radical Isamicist on an American Army base. Those are the people I'm most sorry for, --so Geraldo, STFU.

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