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GOP Gubernatorial Sweep in Virginia and New Jersey; Republican Concedes in Close NY-23 House Race

"Hey, New Jersey, we did it," said New Jersey's new Republican Governor, Chris Christie. It wasn't even that close: 49% to 44.5%. Incumbent Democrat Governor Jon Corzine lost, despite Corzine outspending Christie by about 3 to 1. And also despite ObamaTeam practically running Corzine's campaign for the past month or so. Politico reported that the White House was so concerned about Corzine's re-election bid that a top Obama campaign advisor, Joel Benenson, was put in charge.

White House spin: First white affirmative action White House Press Sec'y Robot Gibbs: Urging reporters not to draw "sweeping conclusions" from Tuesday's election results, Gibbs said, "I don't think that these elections will portend a lot for what happens in 2010." Puh-leeze keep banging that drum, won't you Robert? Obama went to New Jersey five times to campaign for Corzine and came up with . . . Zero.

An addendum to the White House campaign for Corzine. Over the weekend, Corzine said that a victory on Tuesday would help him to support the Obama agenda. Said Corzine: "I'm here to ask you a simple question: Are you ready to keep it going? Today I'm standing with President Obama. That tells you everything you need to know." Yep, champ, it sure does. And if they're paying attention, Corzine's loss should also tell the White House a thing or two. Evidently there was a simple answer to Corzine's simple question: "No, and hell no."

In Virginia, Republican Bob McDonnell beat Democrat Creigh Deeds, 59% to 41%. According to the AP, Independents voted big for McDonnell, the same Independents who were a critical component to Obama's victory in Virginia in 2008. Last November, Obama became the first Democrat presidential candidate to win Virginia in 40 years. But now Virginia voters identify Obama with big spending and big government: "That doesn't sell well in Virginia," said Larry Sabato, director of the Center for Politics at the U of Virginia.

Surveys also suggest that Democrats had trouble turning out Obama's base, including large numbers of first-time minority and youth voters, despite the fact that the Democrat National Committee spent over $10 million dollars on the two gubernatorial races.

White House spin: Obama had nothing to do with Deeds. The Washington Post reported in October that the White House could smell a Democrat defeat in Virginia, so they began distancing themselves from "a weak candidate who ran a poor campaign," one who was "refusing" to follow the path laid out by ObamaTeam.

From the campaign literature that was put on people's doors yesterday, it looks to me like there's a little bit of schizophrenia going on in that campaign. Run for cover, Barry.

My take on these gubernatorial races is that it shouldn't surprise anyone that "first-time minority and youth voters" didn't vote on Tuesday. The Washington Post is reporting that the under 30 crowd accounted for just 10% of the vote in Virginia--half of that demographic's turnout for the presidential race in 2008. Black Obama was a trick that brought people to the polls who don't normally vote; Obama himself is a one-trick pony, trading on his supercool blackness which was THE central reason he prevailed in his presidential election bid. So the traditional concept of election "coat tails" doesn't really apply to him. The lamestream media may still be touting Obama's personal popularity (even though it's dropped by about 25% since the inauguration), but Obama's supercoolness evidently doesn't translate into votes for Democrats in off-year elections, which should give the Democrats nightmares about the elections in 2010. These elections also send a message to Washington about Obama's health care "reform" package. The Blue Dog Dems up for re-election in 2010 had better be paying attention.

Memo to Republicans: Another lesson learned--if you can manage to win with big enough margins, as in the races on Tuesday, then you can neutralize the cheating sacks of dog-doo at ACORN. Had the New Jersey race been closer, no doubt we would have been treated to another Al Franken-like "campaign vote do-over" like they had in Minnesota, complete with a miraculous find of just enough absentee ballots to put Corzine over the top.

In the New York 23rd Congressional District special election, Democrat Bill Owens prevailed over Conservative candidate Doug Hoffman by a squeaker margin of about 5,000 votes, or 49% to 46%. Dede Scozzafava, the Republican who dropped out of the race, got somewhere around 6%, although those numbers don't add up so I'm thinking she got somewhere less than 6% even though that's the number still being reported. Scozzafava, the RINO in the race, proved her own RINO-ness after she pulled out of the race by backing the Democrat.

Democrat spin on the New York-23 race: This race was "the worst of all possible worlds" for the Republican party, exposing a Civil War (their newest talking point--I've heard that about six times already this morning without half listening) within the party that will not soon end. Which is total BS, and that's why it's spin. Hoffman's race was about conservatives sending a message to the GOP about the future of the party: fiscally liberal Republican nominees need not apply. From that point of view, the campaign was a success for Republicans. Besides, better that the seat go to a Democrat than to a Democrat pretending to be a Republican. This race will be revisited in 2010 where we hope the Republicans will have learned their lesson and will hold a primary to decide which candidate to run.

Oh, and P.S. on the Hoffman race: Just imagine what he could have done with about $900,000 of Republican funding. Had Hoffman been the original Republican choice instead of Scazzfazz, he would almost certainly be the new Republican House Representative from NY-23.

We are told that Obama wasn't watching election returns on Tuesday night. Robot Gibbs and David Axelrod said that Obama was more likely to watch Tuesday night's Chicago Bulls game. That's fine, Barry: watch your bulls while you eat your waffle. And don't you also have another date night coming up soon? That's really where you shine, pal.

P.S. Message to Obama from McDonnell: I Won. Message to Obama from Christie: Me Too.

Update. Of course the lamestream media is spinning like crazy this morning, but here's the takeaway line from HotAir: The Democrats can spin this all they like, and the media can eat it up — but the elections just showed that the electorate is no longer buying what they sell.

Update #2: Here's a video of David Axelspin, Senior White House advisor, "reported" by Andrea Mitchell. Good grief, Andrea, you look like you need a "B12" injection. She's 65 years old if she's a day. When women her age and older (like Nancy Pelosi, 70 years old) who get work done so they can pretend that they're 30 years younger, do they also get "vitamin" shots? Just wondering.

Good Lord, does the White House pay Andrea Mitchell's salary? "Pretty bad results," she says to Axelspin. Does she even know what "reporting" is?

Is it just me, or is David Axelrod a deeply creepy guy? What's with the Hitler combover hairdo? Yes, I know he's Jewish, but good grief, that makes wearing his hair that way even worse. And those eyebrows. You know, David, I'll bet Andrea could give you the name of someone. Just sayin'.

Axelspin: "The New Jersey race was based on local issues." Right, Ax, not to worry, keep telling yourself that. Then he says that New York 23, the one race the Dims won, "became a great referendum on national issues." Like everyone else in the lamestream media, Axelspin frames the debate by referring to Scozzafava as a "moderate" Republican candidate--you know, the woman who endorsed the Democrat. Hahahaha. This guy should be a standup comedian. He clearly didn't want to talk about the two gubernatorial races that the Dims LOST, so he just sidestepped that subject almost entirely. You're really phoning it in today, Ax.

Here's Michelle Malkin on "moderate" Republican Scozzafava's record: Scozzafava is an abortion rights advocate who favors gay marriage. It would be one thing if Scozzafava balanced that social liberalism with fiscal conservatism. But as a state assemblywoman, she voted for massive tax increases, Democratic budgets and a $180 million state bank bailout. She also supported the trillion-dollar federal stimulus package — which every House Republican voted against.

Andrea: "David Axelrod. Well, we loved you in the HBO documentary, and, um, we'll always have the New York 23rd." What kind of freaking "reporting" is this? Who the hell is "we"? And FOX NEWS is the arm of the Republican party? Of course. Oh forget it--I'm just sick of even noticing the hypocrisy of these Leftist nutroots who call themselves journalists. Honestly, she looks like if she doesn't get some sort of medication, then someone ought to be checking on her every five minutes or so like they do on a psych ward to make sure she doesn't turn into a jumper. She looks seriously distressed. "We'll always have the New York 23rd"? That's some hard-hitting reporting, Andrea. Cripes, it is so time for you to go.

Update #3. From Jake Tapper: “We’re 2-0 against Palin,” a senior administration official says. “The Vice President went in and took on Governor Palin and the other national Republicans who had gotten involved in the race and we're sure happy that Owens pulled out that win.”

The White House has been very eager to discuss the results of that one House election – and not the crushing gubernatorial defeats in New Jersey and Virginia. This is part of the reasoning as to why that one election was of more national relevance.

This is almost unbelievably pathetic--the President of the United States is at war with a housewife on Facebook? With one Facebook note, Sarah Palin created Hoffman into a candidate that the White House went all out to beat. Palin also endorsed Christie and McDonnell, so wouldn't the score be 2-2? If you're gonna keep score, is all I'm sayin'. If Palin is such a loser, why is the White House so obsessed with her?

Or you can keep score this way: Obama is 0-2 in governorships where he campaigned personally. I like that one.

A commenter on HotAir: The White House used to have a Sarah Palin dart board, but they had to take it down because Joe Biden kept trying to talk to it.

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