Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Should We Be Asking . . . Who's Running the Show?

This is the smartest president evah? Mr. Smooth, Mr. Cool? Really? How many people need a teleprompter to run a 20-person meeting? The pictures of Obama all week with his podium and teleprompter set up in a sixth-grade classroom were laughable enough, but I think this picture is actually worse. Does the Leader of the Free World really need his teleprompter to talk to the members of his middle-class task force? Apparently. As Rich Lowry pointed out . . . "and people made fun of Reagan because of his note cards." If Bush had done this, it would have been the standing joke-of-the-week at SNL. Seriously, does Obama have someone feeding him the answers in real time? Is that why he's so hooked into the teleprompter?

One of the commenters at HotAir calls the backdrop "White House in a bag."

I honestly wonder if we're looking at a total meltdown, as in nervous breakdown, in the making. Months from now, are people going to look back at pictures like this one and say, "We should have seen it coming"?

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