Monday, January 25, 2010

Who Is Ellie Light?

Well, I find this simply fascinating. Who is Ellie Light? It's being reported all around the blogosphere that a letter defending Obama has appeared in dozens of newspapers across the country. HotAir, for one, reports that the letters all use identical language, with a Ms. Light "explaining" that Obama never promised to fix all our problems quickly or painlessly.

Today, the president is being attacked as if he’d promised that our problems would wash off in the morning. He never did. It’s time for Americans to realize that governing is hard work, and that a president can’t just wave a magic wand and fix everything.

That exact quote is appearing in letters all over the country: at The Politico; the Philadelphia Daily News; the San Francisco Examiner; the Washington Times; and a USA Today blog. In addition, the letter has appeared at literally dozens of small-town papers across the country, with names like the Los Banos Enterprise, the North Adams Transcript, and the Danbury News-Times. Yet in each newspaper, Ellie Light lists a local address.

A blog called Patterico's Pontifications has a running count of all the places where Ellie Light's "local" pro-Obama letter-to-the-editor has appeared. So far, Patterico counts at least 42 newspapers in 18 states. My, Ms. Light is busy. And apparently her message is compelling. And also phony.  There's a guy on ObamaTeam who is known for these kinds of trolling tactics: David Axelrod, Obama's senior advisor. According to the website HillBuzz, this is what Axelrod's public strategies firm specialized in.

HillBuzz says that along with the Ellie Light pro-Obama messaging in the letters, there's also the "Nellie Dark" side, where trolls seek to take down anyone opposing the administration or calling it out on its lies and general socialist craziness.

The blog Liberty or Tyranny quotes more from the pen of Ellie Light: "I do not write as a representative of any organization," she said in an e-mail. "The letter I wrote was motivated by surprise and wonderment at the absence of any media support for our President, who won a record-breaking election by a landslide less than 18 months ago, and now, seems to be abandoned by all, supposedly for the infantile reason that he couldn’t make all of Bush’s errors disappear in one day."

Obviously the same "letter to the editor" showing up in 42 newspapers in 18 states (and each purporting to be sent from a local address) doesn't happen without a complicit media. Conspiracy theory? What theory? How many letters to the editor have you written over the years? How many have been printed? 

The buffoons surrounding Obama--and Obama himself--obviously think the American people are stupid--and rightfully so, considering with what ease in 2008 they waltzed their man into the White House. But we're not stupid; many were only asleep, and now more and more are waking up to the truth about Obama and the people surrounding him.

Every day there are more op-ed pieces like this one expressing regret in Politico: "Why I Regret Voting for President Obama."

Or like this one stating the facade is being revealed, in the New York Post: "End of O's Cowardly Lyin'".

Even Time, the uber-Leftist rag, has an article listing "Top 10 Obama Backlash Moments."

Well, boo-hoo to those morons now expressing their regret. Months ago, a guy named Doug Ross had the perfect hilariously ironic response to Obama's "sorry" voters.

Michelle Malkin has a great idea on her website, as usual. She is predicting that a la "Who is John Galt?", we will soon be seeing t-shirts and bumper stickers asking "Who is Ellie Light?"

Update on Obama and the lamestream media. I really like this article today at Big Journalism--"What a Bringdown:  Did the MSM Get Too High on Hopium?"

Image credit: Big Journalism.

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