Friday, January 22, 2010

The Best Week . . . In a Loooong Time

I agree with Charles Krauthammer. This has been a great week. Thank you Massachusetts for electing Scott Brown, '41; and thank you Supreme Court, for standing up for the First Amendment; and bye-bye, Air America; and thank you conservatives everywhere--Dems, Reps, Independents--whoever you are--for helping to start the Second American Revolution. Oh, and P.S. Happy One-Year Anniversary to Obama. Who would have thought we'd be feeling this good at the end of his first year in office?

If I could put my feelings about this past week to music, I know just what song I would choose. It just seems to fit my mood: Don McClean's "American Pie," 1972. Where were you?


nobackindown said...

did you know that "American Pie" was the name written on the nose of the aircraft that Buddy Holly died in...?

Labwriter said...

Yes, nobackin', I've heard that--is it true? I like to believe it's true, since it fits into how I understand the meaning of the lyrics.