Saturday, January 16, 2010

Catching Up

OK, so I'm so behind the curve on everything going on, since I've been busy with another writing project. There's so much going on that it's simply not possible to catch up, but there are two stories that I can't let go by without posting about them here.

1. The Coakley vs. Brown election in Massachusettes Massachusetts (good Lord, her campaign can't even spell the name of the state where she wants to be Senator-for-Life?).

Update below on Coakley/Brown race: Scott Brown and Rudy Giuliani campaign together in Boston--video.

2. The Haiti disaster and the help they are reciving from THE WORST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, the United States. I don't ever, ever want to hear Obama open his mouth one more time--ANYWHERE around the world--and apologize for "his" crappy country again--ever. [see separate post--not written yet]

This Coakley vs. Brown Senate election in Massachusettes Massachusetts just couldn't be bigger; if Brown wins, as some have said, this will be a "massive change" in the political landscape. Martha Coakley (D., although you'd have to be living under a rock not to know that) is THE poster girl for exactly what the American people are sick of in politics. She would seem to be not only a fool but also arrogant, tone-deaf, clueless, and mean-spirited (have I left anything out?). Where do I even start with this woman?

There's a pretty good summary of at least some of what's wrong with this woman in an article at American Thinker: "Consciousless Martha Coakley," by Mark J. Fitzgibbons. One of the issues the article points out is Martha's belief that if you oppose abortion, "then you probably shouldn't work in the emergency room." As a former R.N. who spent countless hours over 20 years taking care of women whose pregancies were threatened by premature labor, I REALLY resent Martha's idea that a woman's right to kill her baby should trump a healthcare provider's right not to assist in baby-killing every time. Martha, you are a dangerous lunatic.

Big Journalism has a 3-part series about Coakley: "Martha's Greatest Hits: The Things the Democrats Would Like You to Forget about Martha Coakley." Evidently, as the current Attorney General of Massachusettes Massachusetts, Martha doesn't have a big problem with child rapists and pedophiles. And of course how could we have a Democrat candidate for office who HADN'T cheated on her taxes? "Honest" Martha Coakley, as she likes to sell herself, was caught making false statements on a financial disclosure form, failing to report $262,000 in assets. Oh, but everybody does that, right?

[h/t to Gateway Pundit for the graphic]

So what has happened with Martha that she doesn't have this election--"Teddy Kennedy's seat" in the bag--in a state that hasn't elected a Republican to the Senate since 1972? One article at speaks to the issue: "The Incredible Incompetence of Martha Coakley." An "endless string of gaffes" have gotten her into trouble, and evidently she has had a "stunningly cavalier" campaign style throughout the campaign.

Then there's the story from the website about how Coakley blew it. She was the invisible candidate, refusing to debate on TV, refusing to meet with rank-and-file ("real") voters, "working a room" of a couple of hundred senior citizens in under 10 minutes, referring to reporters trying to ask her legitimate questions as "Scott Brown stalkers." What a train wreck this woman is.

I particularly like this one. When asked about the incident of one of her thugs shoving Weekly Standard reporter John McCormack to the ground for trying to ask Coakley a question, Coakley said she "was not privy to the facts" of what happened. Really? She was standing right there, as the photo shows. I guess it is true that the woman can't see what's right in front of her nose.

So with the bottom falling out of Coakley's polls (Brown is now said to have a double-digit lead, although the polls are all over the place--yet even Coakley's INTERNAL polls show her behind), Obama has evidently decided to go to Massachusetts on Sunday to campaign for the woman. It sounds like an incredibly risky move for him to me, especially for a president who has shown himself to be very CYA and risk-averse. My friends at HotAir say that there are two problems with Obama's late intervention into the Massachusetts race: 1) It will signal to everyone just how desperate Cowley's chances have become; and 2) Obama's track record on the campaign trail has been less than stellar. Remember Jon Corzine, the guy Obama stumped for and New Jersey voters sent packing?

The Daily Caller also reports about the Obamassiah going to Massachusetts: "Obama to Campaign for Coakley Sunday," by Jon Ward. Ward is reporting that Robert Gibbs, the WH press secretary, "makes clear" that Obama's strategy will be to hammer Brown as a defender of big banks and huge bonuses. Brown says he will spend the remain days of the campaign "the same way he started it--shaking hands with Massachusetts voters and talking about his plans to keep taxes low and cut out wasteful spending."

Ward: "if Coakley loses, all of the administration's work over the last year on health care might go down the drain." From your lips to God's ears.

Here's a special remix of Obama's plea for Massachusettes Massachusetts voters to "get off the couch" and come out and vote for Coakley. h/t to weasel zippers.

Here's a great story, posted by a commenter at HotAir: Oh, did you hear the one about a guy who came home to find that his Brown lawn sign was stolen? There was a note on his door from the thief that said that he lived on a much busier street and he needed the sign.

Go Scott Brown! We'll be watching the end of this thing with great interest.

Update. Rudy and Scott Brown campaigned together in Boston.

Update #2. "The Massachusetts Miracle"

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