Monday, January 11, 2010

Rasmussen's Poll

Rasmussen uses "likely voters" in his polls. Heh. 2012 is going to be hell for ObamaTeam, or at least SO I HOPE. This graph is the updated Obama Bad News for Monday morning, January 11. Read the polls and weep, BO. Nah, he doesn't care. He only took this job so that he could use it to polevault himself into a "bigger" one--European KING OF THE WORLD. You go, Barry. Please, Barry, go.

Politico has the story about how the Dems ripped Rasmussen. That will probably work about as well for them as Obama's war on Fox News. I think ObamaTeam's biggest problem is not their naivete or their inexperience, both of which are true; rather, their biggest problem is that they really, really think the American people are stupid.

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