Sunday, January 17, 2010

Obama Stumps for Coakley in Massachusetts

Obama was thrown off his stride today by a couple of pro-life hecklers in Massachusetts where he went to campaign for Martha Coakley for the Massachusetts Senate seat.

He then went on to bash Scott Brown for driving a truck while campaigning around the state. Obama is such an ignorant jerk, you just want to slap him.

"Driving a truck" is pretty normal in my world; I guess in Obama's elitist, snotty world-view, driving a truck is some sort of hilarious, self-beclowning buffoonery. Scott Brown looks like a normal guy to me. And it's a GM truck. I thought Obambi wanted us to buy GM.

"Personal popularity" aside (Obama carried the state by 26 points in the national election), evidently the Big O had trouble filling his venue in a modest-sized gymnasium, while Scott Brown drew 3,000 for his afternoon rally held at the same time as Obama's (well, it's a small state; I guess 3,000 is a big crowd for Massachusetts--one blogger described, apparently without irony, the "massive crowd" of 500 that turned out for Brown on Saturday in Middleboro).

From a transcript of Scott Brown's address to a crowd today at Worcester:

The president may recall as well how much he used to talk about a new kind of politics – about campaigns based on conviction, instead of just false and small-minded negative ads. Well, as long as he’s paying a visit, he might want to talk to Martha about that. Not only are her ads negative, they are malicious. How quickly the politics of hope have become replaced by the politics of desperation. Shame on Martha. And shame on Obama, too. I added that.

Public Policy Polling has Brown leading Coakley 51-46. The report is that Brown's voters are more enthusiastic than Coakley's, so Obama's efforts to "get Pookie off the couch" may not be working. Heh.

Rasmussen's polling looks a bit different: Coakley leads Brown 49% to 47%, although a week ago Coakley led 50% to 41%. Rasmussen says that turnout will be key, "and Brown's voters appear to be more energized." However, Rasmussen's survey was conducted on Monday, Jan. 11; last week was a bad week for Coakley, and I have to believe that Rasmussen's poll would look be more favorable to Brown one week later.

HotAir reports that a poll by the Merriman River Group (MRG) and (they work with Harvard's Kennedy School for Public Leadership) indicates that Brown leads Coakley 50.8% to 41.2% with 6.2% of the voters still not sure. [So if you're not sure at this point, then just stay home. Good grief.]

HotAir: Brown has a 30-point advantage with men, a 30-point advantage among self-professed moderates, and a 20-point advantage among voters younger than 45. Any one of those findings are shocking in major races in or out of Massachusetts, but all of them put together spells disaster for Democrats, and not just in this special election.

From the Washington Post: "What Happens if Democrats Lose in Massachusetts?" Read contributions from several political experts, most of whom think that Coakley will win.

Update. The San Fran Hag Witch speaks. Good Lord, I'm not sure I've ever seen her looking quite so--haggard. She obviously needs some time off to see her plastic surgeon. Seventy-year-old women shouldn't have to work so hard.

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