Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The St. Louis Tea Party Will "Greet" Obama Today

Updates from last night's downtown St. Louis rally below.

President Obama is coming to St. Louis today, Wednesday, March 10. The St. Louis Tea Party group will be on hand this evening at 5:00 p.m. at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown St. Louis to, yet again, make our voices heard about ObamaCare.

A message from Bill Hennessey at the St. Louis Tea Party website: "we will gather as free men and women to tell this President, a servant by law and a ruler in his own imagination, that our will trumps his on all matters of domestic policy. We will express our disgust at his rude ignorance of our desires. We will politely ask him to shut up for once and listen to the people."

Hennessey says he's received reports that the left will be out in force around the Renaissance Hotel this evening. Here's his response: "I've told the police (through our security leader) that we will be respectful and well-behaved. I know that we will. At the same time, I know that we will not be intimidated or coerced. We will not stand aside while criminals steal our rights and freedoms. We will not stand around and watch while union bosses and Chicago communists take OUR wealth and property and give it to their malingering cronies. We will not lie down and whine. We will stand our ground."

We'll be there, with our signs and our "weapon of choice"--our video cameras.

Update: All was fine. Police working this gig had an easy night, as usual whenever they work a Tea Party rally. We were all smashed together on the sidewalk behind the police barriers. The crowd had good energy. Of course there was no sign of Obama, although there were plenty of St. Louis police, including cars, vans, ambulances, and motorcycles. I wonder how much St. Louis paid out in cop security and overtime today? I took some nice pics that I'll post somewhere, maybe tomorrow. It's been a long day.

Update #2: Obama repeated at both St. Louis venues yesterday that he's "tired of talking" about health care. Well, ditto, champ. We're also tired of you not listening to us. In St. Charles yesterday, he shouted to the (hand-picked) crowd, "The time for talk is over. It's time to vote." What a cynical statement, because any doofus knows that if Nancy Pelosi had the votes, the vote would be done already.

Sharp Elbows, as usual, has great coverage on his website of last night's event.

Gateway Pundit is reporting that the Tea Party rally had 2,300 people show up last night. I've taken this photo from GP's site because I was one of those people smashed against the building and other people on the sidewalk behind the police barricades, so my vantage point wasn't the best for taking pics.

Here are a couple of my photos, from my smashed-in vantage point. We were loud and upbeat. It was a good crowd.

Tea Party wild-eyed radical troublemakers, obviously.

So why did Obama come to St. Louis, anyway? Well, to yammer on yet again about his ObamaCare bill, for one. But last night's event in downtown St. Louis at the Renaissance Hotel was supposedly a fundraiser for Sen. Claire McCaskill, who traveled with Obama to and from Washington for the event. I had also heard it was going to be a joint fundraiser for McCaskill and Robin Carnahan, the current Missouri Sec'y of State and the "all-but-certain" Democrat nominee for the Senate seat being vacated by retiring Republican Senator Kit Bond. However, Robin Carnahan was a no-show. What's up with that?

The Washington Times has the details in its article, "Some Democrats Shun Obama Event in St. Louis." Curious. Seriously, not only does Obama apparently have no coattails for the 2010 election, politicians don't want to be seen with the guy. And Claire McCaskill? She doesn't have a chance in hell of being re-elected anyway; people in Missouri are not happy with her, as my photo from last night illustrates.

Here's HotAir's take on Obama's Missouri visit: "Democrats flee as Obama approaches Missouri."

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