Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Presidential (Dis)Approval Index

You go, Barry! From Rasmussen, today's Daily Presidential Tracking Poll. How low can he go?

Here is Obama's newest spin on these terrible numbers, something he told the St. Louis hand-picked crowd he was speaking to on Wednesday night: "I don't want to be popular; I want to do what's right for the American people." Oh hahahahahahaha. Give me a break. Our narcissist-in-chief who doesn't want to be popular, who just wants to do what's right. That's rich.

Update. Rush Limbaugh had a thing or two to say on Wednesday about Obama and his "popularity."

Rush: Let's just admit it. It is time to fire here straight ahead, pulling no punches. Let's just admit it: The nation made a horrible mistake in electing Barack Obama. Not us, of course. Not us. The nation at large made a huge mistake. Many others know it. People know it, and they regret it and they want to reverse course. The vast majority of the people of this country want no part of what this administration has offered or has done. . . .

President Obama is a loose cannon. He knows he's a mistake, and he knows that a majority of the country know that they made a mistake in electing him. He knows that if the American people could vote up and down on him today they'd throw him out of office. . . .

They know that the vast majority of people now realize that they were fooled and elected somebody who's totally unlike the man they thought they were electing, in every way possible. It is in this defiance that he becomes this loose cannon and will screw up and will himself reveal what his true motivations have been from the day he first started planning running for the presidency (which was many, many years prior to when you think it was) for the express purpose of, within the democratic process, overthrowing this country. "You really mean to say that, Rush?" Yeah. Of course I do! I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it. What the hell do you think is happening out there? Our way of life is being overthrown. The very foundations, the institutions, the principles founded and led to this country being the greatest nation ever are under daily assault by this administration on purpose.

Limbaugh says Obama has three years, and he thinks we can't touch him. They have three years to get done whatever it is they put this tool into office to do.

"I can buy your car companies. I can put competitive car companies out of business. I can determine what kind of food you're going to eat. I can determine what kind of health care you're going to get. I can determine what everything's going to cost you. I can determine whether you have a chance to get rich or not. I can tax you into poverty. I can do whatever I want to do, and I'm going to give it my best shot. I'm going to make sure that this country pays the price for all of its transgressions since its founding. I'm going to make sure this country is knocked down to size. I'm going to make sure this country and people find out just how much pain and suffering they have caused around the world, and it's time they paid a price for it." That's what's happening here. So they become defiant and know their time is limited.

You have 2,200 people in St. Louis today opposing Obama's health care plan after 4,000 speeches, versus 400 people who show up (invited guests only). . . . It's a stacked deck. It wasn't members of the public. It was bought and paid for, union people, Organizing for America crowd, generated, what have you. And it's that way in St. Louis today, or St. Charles. The public is not invited.

This guy wants to be loved and appreciated, and he's not being. And when liberals think that you don't appreciate their brilliance and their compassion and what they're trying to do for you -- remember they hold you in contempt anyway as being too stupid to know what's good for you, but when you reject their good offices, when you openly reject their better, elitist understanding of what you ought to do in your life, well, then that contempt becomes something a little stronger, and then the defiance, "I'll show you." So don't be surprised. I don't know how soon it's going to happen but at some point Obama will get close, if not all the way, to telling us who he really is and what's really in his heart.

-end Rush Limbaugh transcript-

Oh, and P.S. The "approval" rate for Congress is at 22 percent.

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