Friday, March 19, 2010

Nancy Pelosi Prays to St. Joseph to Help Her Pass Her Abortion-Funding Bill

(headline thanks to Gateway Pundit--I couldn't improve on it)

Nancy Pelosi reports today that she prayed to St. Joseph this morning to help her pass Obamacare, calling it "life-affirming legislation." Alternately, GP reports that Pelosi offered her prayer on the same day that she rejected a plea from Rep. Bart Stupak to agree to a deal to remove the abortion funding from the Senate so-called health care bill.

Here's the quote from Pelosi, posted at HotAir: Today is the feast of St. Joseph the Worker, particularly important to Italian-Americans. It’s a day where we remember and pray to St. Joseph to benefit the workers of America, and that’s exactly what our health-care bill will do. … Every order that you can think of was there [on a list of endorsements], saying they wanted us to pass this life-affirming legislation.

As Ed Morrissey of HotAir points out (himself an RC), "Probably the least shocking part of this is her misconception of saints and their role in prayer in the Catholic faith. Just as an explanation for non-Catholics, we don’t pray “to” saints to have them benefit us, or the workers of America, or whatever else we happen to want. Because we believe that no one in heaven is dead, we ask them to pray with us and for us (just as we would our friends on the more temporal realm) to ask for the Lord’s intercession, much as the rabbi did in the film. It’s hard to expect any Catholic who supports abortion to get the subtle nuances of saints and prayer life, however."

It obviously matters not to this woman that the U.S. Conference of Catholic bishops came out in adamant opposition to the bill just this past Sunday. This lying, scheming poor excuse for a human being--she offends me in ways that I refuse to put into words.

Update. The woman is a dolt. HotAir corrects her feast day confusion. Today is the feast day of St. Joseph, but the feast day for Joseph as St. Joseph the Worker is on May 1st. I'm not alone in my utter contempt for this woman. The Anchoress has this to say on her blog: This woman is a profound grotesque who gets virtually everything wrong here, from what feastday it is, to what Catholic religious sister support her monster's bastard of a bill. [Seriously, I've been reading The Anchoress for a long time, and I'm pretty sure that's the strongest language I've ever heard her use about anything.]

The Anchoress continues: First off, Nancy, this is not the feastday of “St. Joseph the Worker.” That feast day is May 1, and it is a simple (and optional) memorial. TODAY is the Solemnity of St. Joseph, in his role as the Husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary. A solemnity is not an optional feastday, and Pelosi, who was educated by religious sisters and went to a Catholic college, should know that.

Her ignorance is almost sublime. “Italian Americans” certainly do honor St. Joseph, but they do not “pray” to him. They ask him to pray for them, before the Throne of his most holy and almighty step-son, the Christ.

It is highly doubtful that St. Joseph, who was faced with an unimaginable event, one fraught with challenges, things unknown, social questions, difficulties and sacrifice, would be a happy endorser of a “life-affirming health care” bill that includes the federal-funding of abortions, sterilizations, contraception – undoubtedly, down the road- euthanasia.

In her upside-down world, Pelosi may think that this monstrosity she is laboring so mightily to deliver is “life-affirming;” that is because she is -like so many of her generation- unable to imagine life after her own. It takes a “my life right now is more important than any future life” mentality to be this committed to abortion, and to insuring that every means of preventing or ending life, at every stage, is introduced into the public mind as a Godly and enviable thing.

This video makes me want to vomit. I try not to hate anyone, but this woman is tempting me mightily to true hatred. . . . What an abominable woman; what a power-mad, ruthless, mendacious grotesque she is.

However, it is one thing for a Catholic to be publicly misguided, misinformed, socially maladjusted or even stupid. It’s quite another -and to my way of thinking, a genuinely evil thing- for Catholics to put on a cloak of moral authority by virtue of their church membership, and proceed to spin their deceitful webs while mindfully exploiting her greatest saints and teachings for the expressed (and unbelievably sleazy) promulgation of their legislative propaganda.

Wow, Anchoress. The entire post is worthwhile--follow the link. Here's the video.

Update #2. When I see Pelosi, all I can think of is the Wicked Witch of the West and her line, "I'm melting, I'm melting!" I wish.

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nobackindown said...

excellent post(s) --

ironic that they'll be forcing a life dismissive vote during Passover.

if he misses, he's done for

if he passes it, we're all done for.

this could be the biggest Constitutional melt-down ever witnessed

.. and it all happens within the next 72 hours.