Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Obama will use the nuclear option to ram through ObamaCare

ABC is reporting that Obama will suggest tomorrow that, if necessary, Democrats will use the reconciliation rules to pass ObamaCare in the Senate. Obama will speak tomorrow from the White House.

Go ahead, Barry: make our day, Champ. Do whatever it is you're going to do and get it over already. The American people are sick and tired of telling you EVERY DAY that we don't want this bill. By using reconciliation to pass ObamaCare, the bill will have nothing but Democrat fingerprints all over it; therefore, when American socialized medicine fails, we will know exactly who to "thank."

From Jake Tapper at ABC: "The president will call for an up or down vote on health care reform, as has happened in the past, and though he won't use the word "reconciliation," he'll make it clear that if they're not given an up or down vote, Democrats will use the reconciliation rules as Republicans have done in the past."

Question: So if ObamaTeam can push this crap down our throats using reconciliation, then can they do the same thing with cap and trade--or anything else? Have we become Venuzuela?

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