Monday, March 22, 2010

It's Mourning in America . . . Put on the coffee, we have a lot of work to do!

We will turn this country around ONE CANDIDATE AT A TIME. Don't send money to the Republican party; send it straight to the candidate.

19 March: Bart Stupak announces $726,409 for airports in three Michigan counties. That seems pretty cheap, for selling out his vote to the side of the abortionists; however, we don't know what else he got. Although maybe he's just cheap.

This is Dr. Dan Benishek. He's running for U.S. Congress in Michigan's 1st District, and he would like your support. Oh, and by the way, that's Bart Stupak's district. Benishek doesn't have a website (yet), but he does have a Facebook page, and his members went from 600-something last night to over 12,000 this morning, with people from all over the country pledging him money. You can donate to his campaign via his paypal link.

No one would ever accuse me of being a pollyanna; however, I guess now is not the time to stay in bed with the covers over my head. Here's an article from Powerline about why all is not lost: "Silver Linings."

Over on Michelle Malkin's website, she has a post about state attorneys general that will launch their lawsuit backlash against Demcare. ["Demcare"--sounds good to me.]

On Monday, several AGs will unveil their official efforts: Virginia, South Carolina, and Florida. Texas, Nebraska, Utah, North Dakota, Washington, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, and Alabama are expected to join the campaign. The states will argue that Demcare is unconstitutional, infringing on each state's sovereignty, with its mandate that requires all Americans to be insured by 2014.

The Heritage Foundation President calls actions taken by Dems leading to the Demcare cram-down, "Intolerable Acts"

The Foundry is the Heritage Foundation's blog. Every morning they have a post called the "Morning Bell." This morning, the word is "Repeal."

Those who supported this bill are our fellow Americans, and we do not question their good will or patriotism. In public policy, however, good intentions alone do not suffice. And let there be no mistake, our philosophical differences with supporters of this bill are profound. The reason government-run health care has been the holy grail of the left for decades is that liberals realize as much as we do that it is a giant step toward the creation of a European-style welfare state. This is an evolution Americans have always resisted because it is alien to our national character.

Read the whole thing here. I just joined the Heritage Foundation as a basic member for $25.

Here's an excellent article by Robert Costa at nationalreviewonline: "Paul Ryan Is Not Ready to Give Up on Health Care." A quote in the article from Ryan, a six-term Republican Congressman from Wisconsin: "Health care is really the issue that speaks to the relationship between the citizen and the government in America," he says. . . . This whole debate has been a proxy fight about what kind of country America will be--whether we'll become a cradle-to-grave welfare state or stay a free-market democracy. The Democrats who are being told that the worse [sic] is over should know that the battle has not even begun."

What's with the clown image of Ryan? Well, if you google "Paul Ryan Congress," that's the third image that appears. But no, Google doesn't have an agenda or anything. Nope, not at all.

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