Thursday, June 03, 2010

Leadership 101

"This would be an example if you taught Leadership 101 of exactly NOT what to do. . . . He's been on vacation more often by far than he's been to Louisiana."

The New York Times chimes in: "As Oil Slips Away, So Do Chances for Obama"

Every day he devotes to a spill that seems beyond his control, and every day it consumes attention in Washington, is another day that he cannot focus as much energy and resources on his own initiatives.

Well thank God, something good is coming out of this mess. I don't mean to be flip; I feel for the people affected by the Gulf oil disaster; the photos and video footage coming from there are absolutely heartbreaking. However, if a little good can come out of this nightmare, then so be it.

The NYT article has Douglas Brinkley, political historian, saying that the Gulf oil mess has "hijacked his entire legislative agenda." Well, there is a God.

I saw part of the White House press briefing by Robot Gibbs today. The man was sweating, seriously. Gee, Bob, maybe making ass-clowns of the White House press corps (corpse) for the last year and a half wasn't your best strategy. Who knew you might someday actually need the media?

Update. Here's what President Cool Dude was doing on Wednesday night. Screw the Gulf disaster, the Middle East crisis, oh, there's Korea, plus a couple of wars and an economy that's in the tank (when was the last time we heard anything about JOBS from ObamaTeam?). Party on, Champ. Excuse me, but this whole Obama administration is becoming a freak show: while Rome burned.

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