Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Thanks to my friends at HotAir for this clip. If you think the lamestream press is seriously critical of this guy, think again. But we can dream.

Read the article from Byron York: "In Gulf crisis, Obama follows media cues."

Media says go back to the gulf coast.
Obama makes second visit to the gulf coast.

Media says meet with BP CEO Tony Hayward.
Obama announces meeting with BP CEO Tony Hayward.

Media says cancel trip to Indonesia.
Obama cancels trip to Indonesia.

Media says Obama should deliver a primetime address.
Obama delivers a primetime address.

Media says show passion.
Obama says he's "furious" about slow response.

Media says Obama too detached.
Obama tells personal stories to connect.

Media says get angry.
Obama says he's looking for "whose ass to kick."

Media says go jump in the lake.
Oh . . . no, they didn't say that, but I wish they would. What a poltroon.

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