Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 56

Lining Up This Week's Gulf Oil Disaster Talking Points

In a recent interview with Roger Simon of Politico, Obama compares the Gulf disaster to 9/11.  I'm not sure how that comparison works, but watch for that to be a new leftist talking point for the week. He says he's going to use his "bully pulpit" to remind people that "we didn't create this mess." He says that he views the "calamity" as an impetus to push Congress to pass the climate bill. He actually whines about the press coverage he's getting about the Gulf disaster, saying the media are "demanding things" (leadership? competence?) the American people aren't demanding, pointing out yet again that he's "not a magician." Has there ever been a bigger whiner in the Oval Office? For this guy to complain about the media coverage he's getting is simply beyond belief.

Oh, and then, of course, after making the 9/11 comparison on Sunday, O went golfing.  Does this president and his family ever go to church? Nevermind.

The other talking point that's being floated about the Gulf oil disaster is that it's "like an epidemic." That one came from David Axelrod on the Sunday news shows.

Axelrod to David Gregory on Meet the Press: "This is not like a hurricane, it's not like a tornado, it's not like a plane crash. This is an ongoing crisis much like an epidemic." In the same interview, Obama's chief advisor said that the oil spill is "at an inflection point." Huh? This White House needs an Analogy Czar or something. I don't see how Axe's talking points work any better than O's comparison to 9/11. And I guess we can thank God that this disaster isn't an epidemic, because if it were, people would be dying by the millions, waiting for ObamaTeam to figure it out, to stretch out that anology just a little bit.

O is scheduled to make a prime-time address to the American people on Tuesday from the Oval Office. What ever happened to the kind of leadership and discipline, teamwork and ingenuity, that made "Failure is not an option" part of the American mindset? I'm just guessing here, but something tells me that's not what we're going to be hearing on Tuesday night from this White House.

How to help. Fox News has links to numerous organizations that are mobilizing to help in the devastating aftermath of the Gulf Oil disaster.

Update. The guys at HotAir have it right again: O-Team is starting to figure out that they're "leaping from casual detachment to panicked hyperbole in nothing flat."

Update #2. Oh dear. An article by John Podhoretz at the New York Post, "Obama's 9/11 envy," calls Obama's comparison of the Gulf oil disaster to 9/11 a "profoundly wrongheaded analogy" and "one of the most bizarre things ever said by any president."

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