Tuesday, June 22, 2010

AUL (Americans United for Life) Leads Opposition to Kagan

Remember her? What with the Gulf oil disaster taking over the news, coverage of SCOTUS radical nominee Elena Kagan has taken something of a back seat--which fits quite neatly into plans for her confirmation. The Senate Judiciary Committee announced today that Kagan's hearings will begin on June 28, as scheduled.

Breitbart TV has released a short clip of Kagan on the Bork hearings, with her declaiming the hearings were "the best thing to happen to constitutional democracy."

Judge Robert Bork will return the favor on Wednesday when he joins an interactive panel of legal experts to discuss Kagan's nomination. The conference will be put on by Americans United for Life, a non-profit,  public-interest law and policy organization, "bringing the pro-life message into mainstream America's living rooms, offices, and schools."

Far from having no paper trail, as has been previously reported about Kagan, she actually has what can be described as a "massive" paper trail, including the files Bill Clinton's presidential library has released in the last few weeks on Kagan's White House work. It would seem only right that the Senate committee would delay the hearings long enough for this massive paper dump to be reviewed by members of the committee; however, since the Senate Judiciary Committee is headed by Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont--let's hear it for term limits!--age 34 when elected to the Senate, he's now 70 years old, so this guy could have another 20 years), it's no surprise that the hearings will go on as scheduled.

Read about the Kagan nomination here at the AUL's blog, posted by William Saunders.

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