Monday, February 08, 2010

"Her being a journalist deprives a truckstop of a cleaning lady"

I'm not going to show the video that this ridiculous performance of Andrea Mitchell's comes from. The still photo of Mitchell mocking Palin is enough. Palin wrote four words on her hand for a Q and A, so naturally she's being trashed by the lamestream media as being too dumb to live. Never mind that Obama uses a teleprompter to run a 10-person meeting--or to speak to sixth graders.

Mitchell's performance is what we could look forward to if Palin were to run for the presidency in 2012--relentless ridicule that would make their 8 years of trashing Bush look like a love-in. Sad. You're a real class act, Mitchell. Plastic surgery has been the scourge of journalism (and politics--a la Nancy Pelosi), allowing harpie hag witches like this one to hang around long after their use-by date. One of the commenters at HotAir: "Her being a journalist deprives a truckstop of a cleaning lady." Heh.

Why doesn't journalism police itself? This is the sort of thing we thought was falling-off-your-chair funny in the fourth grade. If you're dying to see the video, you can see it here at Big Journalism.

You betcha--writing a word on your hand is much, much more ridiculous that setting up a teleprompter in a sixth-grade classroom.

Here's Andrea needing a little "help" right before a broadcast. Seriously, if I knew who to credit with this image, I'd do it. Hilarious. I don't know whose plastics job is creepier--Michael Jackson, Nancy Pelosi, or Andrea Mitchell. I think it's a 3-way tie, although Andrea's Joker smile gives her contest bonus points.

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