Saturday, February 20, 2010

Newt Gingrich: "My position was Reagan's position: trust, but verify."

Here's Newt Gingrich speaking at CPAC.

"Let's test the president's willingness to be bipartisan," said Gingrich. I'm sure Obama would give himself a solid B+. I would give him a fat F.

Why test Obama on bipartisanship yet again? I don't understand why Gingrich is willing to give Obama another chance at proving his plans to make a sick joke out of bipartisanship. How many chances should Obama get?

I honestly don't think Gingrich has much to say to conservatives anymore.

Update. So while Obama is planning his circus sideshow with the Republicans about the health crap bill, Harry Reid says he'll ram Obamacare down the country's collective throat in 60 days with 51 votes.

Reported at The Hill in the Blog Briefing Room: "Reid: Dems will use 50-vote tactic to finish healthcare in 60 days." Reid said in an interview, "I've had many conversations this week with the president, his chief of staff, and Speaker Pelosi. And we're trying to move forward on this."

So excuse me, but WHY would Republicans agree to meet with Obama next week on the health crapapalooza bill? Anyone?

Update #2: Here's The Hill's "Blog Briefing Room" with a discussion of the healthcrap bill and reconciliation: "Healthcare reform and reconciliation a bad mix, ex-parliamentarian says."

Here's a quote from Robert Dove, former chief Senate parliamentarian. Dove is now a professor George Washington University. "This process is not designed to do a lot of policy making and it would be very difficult to achieve a number of things that people want to achieve" in the healthcare reform legislation, Dove said. "This could be a very long, exhausting process."

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