Thursday, February 04, 2010

Our Smartest President Evah Can't Pronounce "Corpsman"

Not once, but twice, at the National Prayer Breakfast, Obama mispronounced the word "corpsman" as corpse-man." And no, he wasn't stumbling around trying to speak without his teleprompter--he was reading the speech, as usual. We get this from our Commander-in-Chief, saluted by Marine Corps guards all day long, flying around in a Marine One helicopter--flown by the Marine Corps--the Marine Corps Band plays for him every day--and he can't pronounce CORPSMAN.

Yet we can be sure the Obama lapdog media will bury this one, just like they buried Bush saying "nu-cu-lar"--oh, that's right, no they didn't. How many times for EIGHT FREAKING YEARS did we have to listen to the leftist nutroots ridicule stooooooopid President Bush.

No wonder his Columbia and Harvard transcripts are some kind of State secret.

More seriously, I think Obama has such disdain and disrespect for the American military that he just plain doesn't care enough to pronounce the word correctly. Alternately, this may be a verbal "middle finger" to conservatives and to the military. I just don't know; I simply can't read the guy. I can only hang in there until January, 2012, when in the words of Gerald Ford on taking the oath of office after President Nixon left Washington, D.C.--"our long national nightmare" will be over. A third possibility is that our man-child president is "exhausted"--he certainly looks to be in the clip. If that's the case, then man up, Nancy boy, you wanted the job.

Update. I stand corrected. Obama said corpse-man not twice, but three times, according to my friends at HotAir.

As one of the commenter-wags said: "English as a second language is hard." Heh.

Or this one, which made me fall off my chair laughing: "Chin up, Barry."

Update #2. This is from Big Journalism, in an article written by Michael Walsh, who reminds us that Barry's "corpse-man" pronunciation comes from the same guy who encouraged Americans to learn a foreign language, even though he apparently knows none himself.


nobackindown said...

what a douchebag ... CORPS-man -- IDIOT!! he also made reference to people questioning his citizenship in the same speech -- now WHY would he be so stupid as to say something about this issue when they're spending upwards of 2million in legal fees to block all the efforts at gaining access to documents? -- they're doing all in their power to make this story go away, yet he brings it up at a prayer breakfast to remind everyone? -- could it be Freudian?! -- is his secret starting to bleed through?

Labwriter said...

Seriously, nobakin, I have no idea. Sometimes I think ObamaTeam in successfully conning the country in sophisticated, nuanced ways; other times, it seems like these people are too dumb to be believed. Which is it? I don't know.

Anonymous said...

BO's "acting stupidly" was even worse when last week he admitted that Americans' choice of doctors would indeed by limited by the health care bills. Apparently some mysterious hand had "sneaked in " this provision in the legislation. BO hemmed, hawed, stammered and stuttered his way through this announcement. The only this worse than BO off teleprompter is BO attempting to cover a lie to the American public.