Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's about style--"the truck" and other musings

I saw this over on one of my favorite sites, Gateway Pundit. You gotta love Scott Brown. GP says Brown drove his GMC truck (the one with 200,000+ miles on it) to work this week and parked it across from Capital Hill. All I ask of Scott Brown is that he please remember how he got to the Senate.

It's a truck, Barry, although we don't really expect you to get the concept.

Oh, and P.S. Hey Barry, what's with the "no tie" look?

I guess "no tie" is the latest thing. To me he looks like a guy who spent the night in jail, particularly lately, since he pretty constantly looks exhausted. But what would I know about style, since I'm from Missouri and I don't get out much.

Some are calling it the "Ahmadinejad look." Barack Hussein Obama--maybe it's not your smartest move to copy the sartorial style of the leader of the axis of evil. Just sayin'.

Maybe Barry thinks he's Dean Martin.

Or maybe he's just feeling nostalgic for a time when life was easier.

Update on "no tie": I got to looking around on some websites when I saw the comparison photos of Barack Obama and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. In 2006, someone asked George Ajjan, international political strategist and commentator, why Ahmadinejad regularly wears a suit, but never with a tie, even in a formal environment, like when he's speaking at the U.N.

This issue goes back to the immediate aftermath of the 1979 Revolution. Before the revolution, all public figures in Iran and all officials wore ties, both domestically and when on visits abroad. Shortly after the revolution however, the tie itself began being associated with "Western imperialism", especially after Ayatollah Khomeini branded a large group of intellectuals (who were less religiously zealous than he would have liked) as "tie-wearing cronies of the West" and essentially branded anyone wearing a tie as being Western influenced. As such, no Iranian official since that time wears a tie, whether in Iran or when on official trips abroad. . . . it would be unthinkable for Ahmadinejad, who claims to be one of the "true disciples of Khomeini" to sport a neck-tie under any circumstances.

Well, that's creepy. Obama really ought to wear a tie.

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