Saturday, February 06, 2010

Sarah Palin Speaking on Saturday Night
at the National Tea Party Convention

I missed her speech. However, here's what the Weekly Standard Blog had to say. Go here for the entire article from the WSBlog.

Sarah Palin's speech to the Tea Party convention in Nashville showcased all of the former Alaska governor's strengths. She was confident, funny, down-to-earth, at times emotional--and she took a scalpel to the Obama administration and congressional Democrats. Ignore the critics who will say Palin spent too much time looking at her notes; her off-the-cuff approach and decision not to use a TelePrompTer was clearly calculated to highlight President Obama's reliance on scripted events and canned speeches.

Gateway Pundit had this to say about Palin. I couldn't agree more. I like Palin a lot, but I think she's too devisive a figure to be president. GP has a great idea: Sarah Palin urged tea party protesters to help reshape and rebuild the Republican Party. She would make a great GOP chairperson if she wanted the role. Follow the GP link for more of Palin's speech.

The entire speech (video) is at here at She spoke for a reasonable 45 minutes, not 70 minutes like Gasbag-in-Chief. And no teleprompter. Heh.

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