Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The President of All the Country?
Hell no, it's the BO & MO Show

I found this video over on Michelle Obama's Mirror's Blog: "the Homecoming King and Queen need your help to ensure that their hand chosen candidates get elected to their court." Snort.

"Hello everybody, it's Barack and pause (and I swear he almost said, "uh") Michelle."  This is stunningly inane. Is it just me, or is "Barack" looking like a piece of crap these days. Although it may just be the lighting used in the video. Someone at the the Mirror Blog pointed out that they upped the lighting to make it appear as if BO & MO are the same color.

Here is Barack, desperately trying to "connect" to the "folks." Nice try, Champ. Fail.

The commenters at the Mirror Blog are hilarious--thank God, because these days we all need a good laugh.

Wow . . . is it SUPPOSED to look as if it was shot in one of those old photo booths at Woolworths?

Introducing himself and Michelle as if no one knows who they are . . . reminds me of the Mouseketeers. Butt where are the ears?

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