Monday, October 25, 2010

Obama Taking His Crutch to India,
(update) But Not His Headgear

Big Zero is incapable of speaking without the teleprompter--really. He will be taking the teleprompter with him to India where they will have completed a makeover of India's Central Hall to accommodate Zero's stunningly pathetic incompetence. What person who speaks in any public forum with even a modicum of skill can't handle a 20-minute speech without a teleprompter? The teleprompter will be used in India's Central Hall for the first time in its history.

Do we remember? This dud was sold to us as the greatest communicator evah! The earth was going to be healed, the seas were going to rise (or was that recede, I can't remember), because Obama would speak. Meh. This man is a joke, but unfortunately the joke's on us.

Update. ObamaTeam has decided that Dear Leader won't be visiting the Indian Golden Temple because he would have to wear a head covering. The headline at NPR is, "Obama To Skip Indian Temple; Aides Fear Muslim-ish Images." Really? The smartest team evah can't figure this one out? They should ask for suggestions--I'm sure someone would have an answer to Zero's headgear problem. Now he's a worldwide joke. Hooray for the U.S. of A. and all of the morons who voted for this clown in 2008.

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