Monday, October 11, 2010

"Have these people no shame?"

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Evidently not. That's a quotation from Karl Rove, responding to the Dems unsubstantiated claims that the Chamber of Commerce is taking money from foreign interests and using it to "steal our democracy." The Dems have offered no evidence that the Chamber is using foreign money to influence the elections, according to the NYT. But why would they let a silly little thing like the "truth" get in the way at this point. Said David Axelrod, senior advisor to Obama, on one of the Sunday news shows, when asked if he has any evidence of secret foreign funds being used to influence the election: "Well, do you have any evidence that it's not, Bob?" Other Dem officials are suggesting that "if the chamber wants to clear this up" they can open their books. So you level a charge at someone, and then put the burden of proof on them to prove it's not true? Are you kidding me?

Can Obama get any more pathetic? The Dems can't run on what the Obama administration has done with the economy or with health care or with foreign policy. So instead they come up with an accusation about Republicans and foreign money, as Big Zero told a Philadelphia crowd of predominantly African-Americans: "Don't let them hijack your agenda. The American people deserve to know who's trying to sway their elections, and you can't stand by and let the special interests drown out the voices of the American people." Is this really appropriate rhetoric for the President of the United States? Will someone please tell him he's not CANDIDATE Obama anymore? This is a guy who really, fundamentally, doesn't get the job he's supposed to be doing.

Evidently Obama has nothing better to do in his day job as POTUS, so for the next three weeks, according to Politico, he will be spending much of his time on the road campaigning, spending a boatload of our tax money flying around on Air Force (We) Won.

Here's the newest attack ad from the DNC. This is a pathetic new low, even for this crowd.

Oh, and P.S. How's the investigation coming on where all of Obama's money came from in the 2008 election? Oh, there is no investigation on that? My bad. The very idea that the Dims would attack the Republicans for doing exactly what they did to win the 2008 presidential election is just deliciously funny. Michael Barone at the Washington Examiner has an article on this very topic: "Pot calls kettle. . . ."
This looks like a matter of projection, since it's well documented that the 2008 Obama campaign did not put in place address verification software that would have routinely prevented most foreign donations. In effect they were encouraging donations by foreign nationals.
P.S. #2. I thought everyone around the world LOVES Big Zero and his policies. So why are the Dims accusing "foreigners" of stealing this election for the Republicans? The video implies that money is coming from China to steal our democracy. China loves Obama and what he's done for this country's debt. If anything, foreign money should pour into the Dem coffers. And why in the world would the White House alienate the Chamber of Commerce. I'm really not getting the logic of the argument and the strategy here, not even a little.

Here's something from one of the commenters at HotAir:

Obama is a Muslim – hey Axelrod, prove that he isn’t!
Obama is not a natural born American citizen – hey Axelrod, prove that he isn’t!
Obama was a C student at best in college – hey Axelrod, prove that’s not true!
Obama was accepted into college as a foreign student – hey Axelrod, prove that’s not true!
We could do this all day…

And here's a quote from Andrew Breitbart's Big Government: "You are having a really bad election cycle if you are a Democrat and the NYT isn't buying your spin."

My friends at have a nice post on the same topic.

Update. It's the McCarthyism, stupid--and it's not going to work. HotAir has an update: "Obama's attack on Chamber of Commerce backfiring."
This is an administration that apparently has never learned the difference between being a political campaign and serving in the government.  In the former situation, this would constitute slander, which is bad enough.  When it comes from the government, it’s a form of tyranny — an attempt to use the power of government to silence dissent.
Update #2. A must-read--Rich Lowry's article in the National Review Online: "Obama's McCarthyite Moment." Lowry: "Obama has become a master in the art of self-diminishment. He started at George W. Bush (who is out of office but at least a former president), descended to John Boehner (the House minority leader people have barely heard of) and finally alighted on Karl Rove (who is a political operative and pundit).

Update #3. "Obama's Un-Presidential Despicable Race Baiting," by Lloyd Marcus at American Thinker. At Sunday's Philadelphia rally, in front of an African-American crowd (cynical demographics, but I digress), Obama said that the Republicans are "counting on black folks staying home."

Or how about this one by Stuart Schwartz--"Obama: Our First Post-Racial Failure." Schwartz says, "Failure is no longer the sole preserve of white presidents and Caucasian New York Times publishers." He says that Obama is the nation's first post-racial failure "and we are all the stronger for it." A great read.

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