Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I guess he doesn't have anything better to do in Washington, although maybe the country is better off when this guy is campaigning rather than working as POTUS. They're calling this the "pump-up nervous Democrats tour." There were pictures of Obama yesterday out on the campaign tour posted on the Drudge Report. They're gone this morning, but Rush Limbaugh has them. Wow, The One is a freak. He's angry and confused and can't figure out why he's getting criticized. We know that narcissists do not deal well with criticism, but wow, this is must have been freaky photo day--he looks like he's frothing at the mouth. As Limbaugh said, "I have never seen a picture of an American president look like that. . . . It is strange that these pictures would be released." Wow. "Strange" doesn't quite cover it.

Over at American Thinker, Clarice Feldman suggests that Obama inhabits a "dream world" since he's suggesting out on the campaign trail that if the Dems lose their congressional majority, the Republicans will have to work with him. Oh, hahaha, did the Dims "work with" Bush when they took over in 2006? I don't think so. She also posts the hilarious history of Obama's comments about "shovel-ready" projects, which of course he recently said he now does not believe in--"there's no such thing as shovel-ready projects." Way to figure that one out, Champ. Our most intelligent president evah!

The Weekly Standard has posted an interesting article by Noemie Emery--"Fault Lines: The president's apologists look for scapegoats." Things were bad, and one had to admit it, but at the same time one couldn't blame him. He was in charge, but not really responsible; he was around, but somehow apart from his government. So the effects of his actions--recession, malaise, distress, unemployment--could never be traced to their source.

The Washington Times has an article about where Obama is taking his campaign: "Obama campaign trail shuns hostile areas, picks only 9 friendly states." Most of the places he'll be campaigning are states that he won by at least 10 percentage points. He'll stay away from Indiana and West Virginia, where a visit from him "would probably ensure the defeat of Joe Manchin," Democrat governor who is seeking the Senate seat of the late Robert Byrd. One guy posting over at hillbuzz writes that has never seen so many billboards and homemade signs in yards. Even in a district that is heavily union, the yard signs for the Republican hugely outweigh those for the Democrat. Instead Obama will go to Washington State and California where his approval ratings, unlike the rest of the country, are just above 50%, which contrasts to his national approval rating which is somewhere around 44%.

Seriously, Big Zero is losing it, in more ways than one. Gateway Pundit is reporting that out on the campaign trail on Monday Obama implored his supporters to hand over more $$ (has he seen the recent unemployment figures?) to help the 15 Senate seats that are "up for grabs" on November 2. If Republicans pick up 10 Seats on election day, they will win back the majority. Fifteen Senate seats up for grabs? Predictions at this point would say that the Dems will probably keep their majority in the Senate. The Wall Street Journal has a map of the House, Senate, and governors' races that are considered closest in their article, "Democrats Retrench as GOP Pulls Away." Democrat strategists acknowledged they are abandoning a dozen House seats the party now holds, as they try to salvage their majority by shoring up candidates with better chances. The Republicans need a net gain of 39 seats to win a majority in the House. In October the NYT was reporting that Republicans could pick up as many as 78 House seats, although a net gain of about 50 seats seems more likely.

Update. Oh, excuse me. Politico is reporting this morning that 99 Democrat-held House seats are in danger of turning Republican. According to the article, more than a quarter of those facing competitive races are Freshman Democrats. Flyover country seems to be a particular problem for the Dims: "If there is a particular trouble spot for Democrats, it is the Midwest, where 31 seats are at risk." Oh those damn bitter clingers!

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