Friday, October 15, 2010


The New York Times Magazine has an interesting article on the Obama presidency: "Education of a President." It's worth the read. The article's author, Peter Baker, writes: "this is an administration that feels shellshocked. Many officials worry [that is, White House officials] that the best days of the Obama presidency are behind them. They talk about whether it is time to move on."

And evidently it is--time to leave, that is. Team Obama knows which way the wind is blowing for Big Zero, and they're getting out while the getting is good. The rats are leaving the sinking ship: Leaving or already gone are General James Jones, the national security advisor, Rahm Emmanuel, chief of staff, almost the entire economics team, including Christina Romer and soon Larry Summers. Axelrod will go. Robert Gibbs may go. Defense Sec'y Robert Gates is leaving. Where's Hillary Clinton with her Reset button when they need her?

Even the campaign trail isn't going so well for Our Hero. Normally campaigning is something Obama knows how to do. Instead he brilliantly decides to go out and tell his supporters to stop sulking, and 36 attendees at a Maryland rally collapse from illness--a far cry from the days when Obamabots used to swoon at his feet. He's actually getting less-than-softball questions from--people who voted for him, questions like, "Why should we vote you back in?" That question came from an MTV crowd. Ouch.

But never fear, the perpetual Obama Campaign Machine has finally brought out its secret weapon: Lady Michelle joined the midterm campaign trail on Wednesday. Although--oops--by Thursday she had already violated Illinois law with some illegal electioneering when she stopped off to vote in ChicagoLand. But come on, can we really expect a Harvard-trained lawyer to understand every tiny nuance of the law? Moo-chelle is scheduled to continue campaigning in Colorado, Connecticut, New York, Washington state, and California, plus this weekend she will appear with The Won in Ohio. Be still my heart.

Not sure what happened to those toned arms--those "guns"--we used to hear so much about. Ick. Won't any of the 27 people on her personal staff tell her that the bare armed thing isn't merely unattractive--in this case it's just totally gross. But I guess when you've been named the MOST POWERFUL WOMAN ON EARTH, if you want to flash your ugly pits, you can. 

Evita Peron she's not, but I guess no one around her will tell her that. Put on a jacket, woman.

Follow Evita Michelle's exploits on the campaign trail along with Michelle Obama's Mirror, aka MOTUS (Mirror of the United Status) at RightNetwork: "FLOTUS hits the road for POTUS."

Update. Michelle Obama electioneering in polling place. HotAir says Gibbsy was asked it about it yesterday, and in characteristic smart-guy fashion ended up laughing it off. Gibbs said something like, Come on, she's well liked and she probably didn't know what she was doing. When did "she didn't know what she was doing" and "she's well-liked" become a defense for breaking the law? Although I'm thinking she'll rip his head off the next time she sees him. So here's what it is, Moo-chelle: Polling places are off limits for campaigning on election day. Period. But we all know the attitude: "Those laws are for thee butt not for me."

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