Sunday, October 31, 2010

Passage to India

Almost immediately after the election on Tuesday, Obama will be running out of town; and not only out of town, but out of the country. He'll take forty aircraft, including both Air Force 1 planes, six armored cars, three Marine One helicopters, enough "stuff" to establish not one but two Secret Service command centers, and as Clarice Feldman puts it, "apparently his entire staff of cooks, wardrobe masters, make up artists, dressers, hairstylists, lap dogs, sniffer dogs, food tasters, czars, his wife, two kids, and the teleprompter. It's not altogether clear whether this is a stealth invasion or a self-imposed exile."

David Paul Kuhn asks the question in his article, "After Election, Obama to Flee US": before Obama goes on his longest tour overseas this year, almost 12 days, will he face the press after Tuesday's election? "It would be stunning if Obama does not face the inquisition. It's inside baseball. It's also, however, what's done. The gravity of the moment calls for sincere comment. It would look worse to cower from the spotlight and split town."

After their midterm elections, and after speaking to the press, both Clinton and Bush left the country. Reagan didn't. He spoke to reporters, and he wrote in his diary later that day, according to Kuhn: "Did a press conference in Rose Garden re the election returns. I'm sure they were sorry I was so happy."

As Doug Powers says at Back to Basics, "The most dangerous place to be standing just after the November election will be between President Obama and the nation's emergency exit doorway."

Big Zero, voting with his feet. While he's gone, the "intellectual pragmatist" can contemplate how life is going to change for him: he will have lost his sycophantic Senate Majority Leader and his House majority. Good luck with that, Barry. Buh-bye and good riddance.

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