Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Public Option Insurance Plan: Selling Snake Oil

I'm sure there's been an administration equally (maybe even more) as duplicitous and full of chicanery as ObamaTeam. But the Obama crowd ran on and was elected on the idea that they would be so much BETTER, so much DIFFERENT, that they would bring HOPE and CHANGE, the kind of thing that the Bush administration had no clue how to do. Well, what we are finding, a mere seven months into the O'Bummer administration, is that they are no better, they are no different, and that with the Obama crowd in place, Washington continues to be full of people like this smug p-rick Jacob Hacker character who believes the electorate is a collective mob of dolts, that people like him "know better," and that he and others working with ObamaTeam will decide what the people need, regardless of what the people want.

Here's the clip:

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