Thursday, August 27, 2009


The polls really aren't going The One's way this summer. Gallup has been tracking public approval of Presidents since Harry Truman. At the end of August, Obama's job approval rating has just hit 50%.

Should his numbers continue to slide, as Gallup points out, Obama by no means will be the first President to slide below 50%. However, Obama has reached this low more quickly than most of his predecessors did. Slipping below 50% before November of the first year in office would represent "the third fastest drop" since World War II, Gallup reports. Republican Gerald Ford slipped below 50% in his third month as President, Democrat Bill Clinton during his fourth month.

On the other hand, it took President Eisenhower five years to fall below 50% in the public's estimate. Both George Bushes took three years. Democrat Lyndon Johnson and Republican Richard Nixon took more than two years.

Gallup isn't the only pollster who has Obama's numbers at 50%. Rasmussen's poll numbers are at the same mark.

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