Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Signs May Be Mundane, But They're Sincere

Unlike the printed and pre-packaged signs you see being held up by the real Astro-Turfers (SEIU members and ACORN), my signs and others like them are home-made. I bought the supplies for this sign from my friendly local Ben Franklin store. When was the last time you shopped at Ben Franklin? I actually saw kids in the store acting like normal kids, buying candy of all things.

Here's the sign that I've made for Saturday's August 22 Recess Rally. Have you made your sign? Have you made your plans to attend?

Go to this website if you need information:

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Labwriter said...

I actually had some pretty good feedback on the sign. The recess rally was a lot of fun--good people, anti-Obamacare people outnumbering pro about 10 to 1. But at least the purple shirts and the Acorn people stayed home. Too hot, too early in the day, is what I'm thinking. Just sayin'.