Monday, August 10, 2009

Use It Against Them

"Know your enemy." That's a tactic straight from Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals. So this is what I'm reading this morning. Alinsky isn't all wrong, and the Right is foolish if they merely demonize him. Instead, we need to use him: we need to read this bible of the far Left, digest it, and then use the Left's own tactics against them. Nice guys finish last. The Left has been able to count on the Right being "nice," not really paying much attention to what's going on. But I think that passive time is over now. I think Obama has succeeded in bringing "Change" to this country as he told us he would ad nauseum during his campaign; it just may not be the sort of change he had in mind.

The idea that these hot August town hall meetings are being attended with people filled with fake outrage is, well, an outrageous, faked statement. I live near St. Louis, in Dick Gephart's old Congressional district, for God's sake, hardly a bastion of conservatism. Yet people are turning out for the town hall meetings in good numbers, and they are angry, mostly because, I think, they feel like no one in Washington is listening to them. And it's not just the Left that's the target of these people's anger. "Throw all the bums out" is a common theme of these gatherings.

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