Saturday, April 02, 2011

A simple question: Why don't we care about
the checks and balances for going to war?

Why aren't more people speaking out--screaming--about what Obama is doing in the Middle East? Where are the rabid anti-war protesters that were so vocal during the Bush years? Oh, I guess those were really anti-Bush protesters. Hypocrites.

Obama, Boy King. Is that's where all of this is going? Why isn't he being pushed to get permission from Congress for what he's doing in Libya? His actions are protected by the War Powers Resolution? Really? No, they really aren't. Look it up.

Here is Rand Paul (R-KY) speaking on the floor of the Senate. "The decision to go to war is so important that we shouldn't leave it up to one person. Our founding fathers agreed with this....There is no threat to our national security, and yet we're involved in a third war....While I'm new here in the Senate, I'm appalled that the Senate has abdicated their responsibility. The Senate has chosen not to act and to allow this power to gravitate to the president....without Congressional review, without Congressional votes, without the representatives of the people having any say....We should force a debate in this body."

Rand Paul references an article from the Washington Times by Gen. Mark Kimmitt: "Jumping the Gun in Libya."[n]o-fly and humanitarian protection missions are insufficient to topple an entrenched dictator, and even the military leaders acknowledge they could see a post-intervention scenario that leaves Col. Gadhafi in power." Does anyone remember how long we had in place a no-fly zone over Iraq? For ten freaking years. The no-fly zone policy didn't do anything to get Saddam Hussein out of power. So why do we think it's going to work in Libya?

Exit Question: When was the last time you heard ANYONE report on U.S. casualties in Afghanistan? The goddamn lamestream media protects The Won all day long. Why?

Update. Here's an interesting ariticle from the UK Guardian: "By merely bolstering the weaker side, we are prolonging Libya's civil war" : "Welcome to 21st-century war, liberal style. You do not fix an objective and use main force to get it. You nuance words, bomb a little, half assassinate, scare, twist, spin and make it up as you go along."

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