Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Want a Passport? You're gonna have to
give the gov't a whole lot more information

Coming to you from Obama's State Department--What fresh hell is this? There's a proposed new form for acquiring a passport that is, quite simply, beyond belief. If this were coming from any except the current administration in Washington, I would think it was a joke. Some of the questions:

List your mother's residence one year before you were born.

Did your mother receive pre-natal or post-natal care? Give the hospital, the address, the name of the doctor, and the dates of the appointments. WTF?

Please describe the circumstances of your birth, including the names (as well as address and phone number, if available) of persons present or in attendance at your birth.

Other questions you'll be asked if this new form goes through: all addresses since birth; your lifetime employment history, including employers' and supervisors' names, addresses, and telephone numbers (jeeze, I sure wish I'd kept better records when I was babysitting at the age of 11); personal details of all siblings (like what, for instance?); any "religious ceremony" around the time of your birth--oh for the Love of God.

This is the biggest laugher of all--the State Dept. estimates that this will take a person--wait for it--45 minutes to fill out. I guess that's the time it will take to physically write the words on the paper. The research for this thing would probably take me months. And there's this: "failure to provide the information requested may result in...the denial of your U.S. passport application." Well, duh.

According to the website Consumer Traveler, some, but not all, applicants will be required to fill out the new form, but no criteria have been made public for determining who will be "selected" for the new "biographical" form. So evidently, if the passport examiner wants to deny your application, all he or she will have to do is give you this impossible new form to complete (I'm thinking, don't wear your Tea Party lapel pin when you apply for a passport--heh). The State Dept. calls these people "passport adjudicators"--government paper-pushers who will now be able to decide who gets a passport and who doesn't. Brought to you by the Obama Administration.

Exit Question: Would Barack Hussein Obama (or is it Barry Soetoro?) be eligible for a U.S. passport if he had to fill out this form?

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