Friday, April 29, 2011

The Document Is an Amateurish Fake, So Why?

Maybe it's because the Boy King thinks it's funny to jerk half the country around. I dunno. If you listen to him talk about the issue (see below), you can tell he's having an hilarious time with all of it. Obviously he has no reason to put this issue to rest, since the more he makes his political enemies look like "crazy racist birthers," the better for his base. Plus, I'm sure he's hoping that Independents will jump on the "those ridiculous birthers" bandwagon as well.

Someone said to me today that they wouldn't be surprised it ObamaTeam (TM) photoshopped a document that's almost identical to the one he's holding on to, just to make his political enemies appear even more unreasonable. The other possibility is that there really is something on the original that he doesn't want people to know about. Or, the original doesn't exist.

This fake document that was put on the White House website does NOTHING to prove the authenticity of a 1961 Hawaiian birth certificate. And they know it.

Anyway, it's a fake, for what it's worth. h/t from one of my followers who is a Peter Boyles fan in Denver.

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