Saturday, April 09, 2011

This Is Sweet

Brought to you by the Daily Kos: "Ignore this Mr. President. You already ignore me."

Dear readers, I apologize for what I am now writing. It will not be coherent, because I am responding to the policy and actions of an administration that are not coherent.

It is an expression of ... what? Disappointment to be sure, anger, almost despair.

This screed babyish tantrum goes on and on--it's hilarious, but funnier still are the 783 comments. Oh, boo-fucking-hoo! Comments, below, taken at random. They go on and on like this, 783 of 'em.

I gave up on him a long time ago.

The only time I pay any attention to him these days is when he continues to enable Republican talking points and screw the working class over. Unfortunately, that happens more and more these days.

It's another betrayal.

Obama doesn't seem to understand a basic tenant of democracy: we elected him to fight for our interests. Now he seems to think it's his job to convince us to give up our interests so that we can work together with the side that lost a democratic election.

No, Mr. Obama, if we had wanted a president who could work with congressional republicans, we would have elected McCain.


I'm done with this president.

Until further notice and evidence of his will to fight for the PEOPLE, I am out.

•He says he wants my contributions for his reelection campaign? NO.

•He says he wants me to work for his campaign again? NO.

•He says he wants me to canvass for his campaign again? NO.

•He says he wants me to phonebank for his campaign again? NO.

Not until he shows me that he is FIGHTING for the American PEOPLE and not the corporations, bankers and those with "special access" to power. Not until he has shown that he won't triangulate and capitulate to Tea Partiers and corporate interests over those of the PEOPLE who elected him.

Where the hell is your "fierce urgency of now", Mr. President? Until I see it, you can count me "out". I've had enough - and spare me your flowery celebratory flowery "bullshit" address afterwards. When we needed you, you CAVED (again) and that was one time too many for me.


Until this weekend, I've tried to stay open-minded

...but I've reached my breaking in point. Fuck 'em all and fuck it all. I'm OUT.

If Obama doesn't need me, then fine - we're even.


I read both of his books

I never said I thought he was a progressive

and I was quite critical of his educational policy while he was a candidate

but I think given some of his rhetoric during the campaign and early in his presidency, it was not unreasonable to have expected a number of things to be different.


Are you over him yet? Hahahaha

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