Thursday, March 24, 2011

Yes We Can-Can!

This video is from one of the greatest commenters evah, Granny Jan, at my favorite blog, Michelle Obama's Mirror's Blog. These people keep me laughing and keep me sane during these strange and dark days of the Obama Administration.

Moo-Chelle, I want you to know that the Obama Administration is the first time in my adult life that I've been completely embarrassed by the First Lady of the United States.

16 Outfits in 4 Days

Moo-Chelle has bee presented in the fashion magazines and leftist blogs as a FASHION ICON. They tried to push her as the second coming of Jackie O! Well, I think they've given up on that, and none too soon. Moo-Chelle, I knew Jackie O! and you are no Jackie O!

Below is how our First Lady dresses when representing our country. You can "do casual," as Jackie Kennedy demonstrates in the picture above; but to dress like a hulking mental case as you fly around the world, representing the citizens of the U.S., is simply beyond the pale. 1/20/2013. I am counting the days. What is that on her feet? Fashion-forward Ace bandages, no doubt. For the love of God. We get it, Michelle, you really, really are not proud of your country, and you want to embarrass the crap out of all of us.

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