Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Or, as Ed Morrissey at HotAir calls it, "The Empty Office Presidency." As he says, Obama wasn't the only one out of the country when he sent troops into harm's way in Libya:
And where was the defense secretary at this time? The second in civilian command of the military also left town on the 20th. Gates was scheduled to leave on the 19th, but he waited a day to “keep tabs” on the military action in Libya. Did he fly to consult with a member of the military coalition imposing the no-fly zone to coordinate efforts, as Obama announced two days earlier? Not exactly; Gates flew to Russia, which had to be talked out of vetoing U.N. Resolution 1973.

Morrissey points out yet another interesting comparison in fake liberal outrage: Once again, let’s remember the stink that arose when Chris Christie and his lieutenant governor Kim Guadagno both left New Jersey for vacations at the end of last year and a freak snowstorm locked up the Garden State.  Liberals screamed about the dereliction of duty in having both executives out of state when an emergency arose.  Now we have the two men in civilian command of the military out of the country when starting a new war.

Update. This is what happens without American leadership. Who's in charge?  That's the headline of an article at the UK Mail online. Germany is pulling its forces out of NATO over continued disagreement over who will lead the campaign. Norway and Italy said their participation in air operations depends on settling who will be in command. Seriously? Defense Sec'y Gates is reported as saying, "We have never done something on the fly like this before." And Barry "The Warmonger" Obama is saying that it will be "days, not weeks" when America hands over its leadership role. This is what Obama calls leadership?

Update #2: Uncle Joe Biden "wants to make it clear." Yeah, Biden, we wonder if you mean what you say. "Iran is no immediate threat to the United States of America." Say it ain't so, Joe. So where was Joe when the missiles were launched at Libya?

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