Monday, March 21, 2011

Will somebody please explain to me
what we're doing in Libya?

One of my favorite blogs has done that, "The Worst of Both Worlds."

The upcoming NATO operations will immediately require something called “rules of engagement” (ROE), and the ROE is going to be decided upon by an “international consensus” of politicians, and not military leaders.  And so, here we are again, in a situation a bit like Bosnia, entering a conflict that will be run by the bumbling bureaucrats at the United Nations.

Now would somebody please explain to me what Obama is doing in Brazil? American Thinker has an interesting take on Big Zero's Brazil trip: read Geoffrey P. Hunt's "Obama in Exile."

How to reconcile the optics of president Obama on his latest trip to Brazil? Being feted on the tarmac in Rio De Janeiro and later joining the dignitaries reviewing a Brazilian military parade, all while a new war has been started in Libya, our Asian ally lies in ruins, and federal government insolvency threatens our republic. This juxtaposition can only be seen through the lens of a self-imposed exile.

Obama is being chased by his own incompetence, forced to face it, unable to stare it down. Privately he must admit he is over his head and no one -- not in the legislature, in the labor unions, in the deep pockets of George Soros nor the salons of liberal media apologists and sympathetic academics -- can save his doomed presidency.

h/t for the image to HotAir. Seriously? Big Zero's administration is the most clueless bunch of hacks who ever inhabited the White House. Now all they need is to show O'Bummer on a Brazillian golf course. Wait for it.

This one is from Nate Beeler at The Washington Examiner.

Update: John F_ing Kerry will explain all of this to us: On Sunday, he was a talking head on one of the leftist network morning shows: "I would not call it going to war." This was as reports came in of five U.S. warships firing 112 Tomahawk cruise missiles at 20 different targets scattered across coastal towns in Libya. "This is a very limited operation that is not geared to try to get rid of Qadhafi [how many ways can we spell that name--5?]. He has not been targeted," said Lurch, apparently with a straight face.

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