Thursday, March 10, 2011

This Is What a Mob Looks Like

The favorite chant of these deranged leftist goons in Wisconsin: "This is what Democracy looks like." No, it's not. See the clip of people breaking windows and breaking into the capitol building at Real Clear Politics. This is a mob, plain and simple. People on the other side of this issue are being warned to stay away since there's no telling what these people have brought into the building with them. There is no security--zero--reports Ann Althouse from Wisconsin: "ANYBODY CAN GET IN AND ANYBODY CAN BRING ANYTHING IN. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO SECURITY WHATEVER."

Our favorite group of union thugs, the SEIU, are planning mass rallies in Wisconsin today. Here's their take on the events of Wednesday: "Late Wednesday night Republicans rigged the rules and stripped working families of their rights, and they did it without a Democrat present." There is so much wrong with that statement, it's impossible to know where to begin. h/t to Gateway Pundit.

For a good explanation of exactly what the Republicans did yesterday to pass the collective bargaining bill, see Hot Air: Breaking: Wisconsin Senate GOP to split off collective bargaining bill from budget, pass it separately? Update: Senate passes collective bargaining bill; Update: “Affront to democracy,” says … runaway Dem; Update: Capitol livestream added; Update: No security whatsoever

From the Weekly Standard blog by John McCormack, here's another explanation of what the Wisconsin Senate did last night: Without Democrats Present, Wisconsin Senate Voting on Largely-Intact Budget Repair Bill.

Update. "Don't be surprised if the protests today turn out to be a dud." That's from HotAir this morning. HotAir is reporting that things have returned to normal this morning, only a few remain inside the capitol building, and all is quiet so far outside.

From HotAir: It’s over. The fleebaggers lost, which is what happens in democracy when people refuse to engage while in the minority, especially when they demand to dictate outcomes to the majority.  The people of Wisconsin, and representative democracy, are the winners today.

Update #2. This is Gov. Walker's op-ed in the WSJ this morning: Why I'm Fighting in Wisconsin.

This was posted today in the Washington Post by Michael A. Walsh: The Left's War on Democracy. Let's call this what it is: a campaign to nullify the 2010 election, by a sore-loser party that doesn't like the results.

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