Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Postings re: The Election around the blogosphere

My favorite so far comes from Michelle Malkin: "Take Your Olive Branch and Shove It, Democrats": "Here is an ironclad certainty: It's too little too late for the antagonist-in-chief to paper over two years of relentless Democratic incivility and hate toward his domestic 'enemies.'"

Here's one from Michelle Obama's Mirror's Blog: Post Election Blues (and Reds)--"we'll just have to get used to the Republican shift from the Party of 'No' to the party of 'Stop it!'"

From The Foundry, the blog at The Heritage Foundation: "Morning Bell: Get to Work." "The American people have a collective wisdom, and they expressed it yesterday. They took a stand and decided on a new direction because continuing down the path we're currently on would mean the end of the American Dream."

An interesting article from the NYT's opinion pages: Ross Douthat, "Was It Worth It?" "Was the 111th Congress's flurry of legislative activity worth the backlash it helped to create? Were the health care bill and the stimulus worth handing John Boehner the gavel in the House of Representatives? Did it make sense to push and push and then keep on pushing, even after the polls and town halls and special-election outcomes made it clear the voters were going to push back?" This guy ends the article by telling Republicans that they "need to keep a lid on their euphoria." Maybe he ought to see to his own house before he tells someone else what they "ought" to be doing. Just sayin.'

Here's a very nice exegesis of yesterday's Obama Presser from Ed Morrissey at HotAir. As he points out, the press actually played a little hardball with their questions yesterday, and no one asked what Obama found the most enchanting about the midterm elections. Heh.

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