Thursday, November 11, 2010

The O's Are a Pure Mess

What is wrong with this woman? Michelle Obama has 27 minions to cover her every move: makeup artists, dressers, pressers--you name it. And she goes out in public looking like this? Good Lord. What First Lady ever looked like such a mess--ever? Thanks for doing such a great job of representing your country overseas, Michelle.

Update. A great blog about FLOTUS "fashion" from  a self-proclaimed "fashionista who is sick of the sycophantic suck-up media and mindless MO-bots healping false praise on our flabulous FLOTUS for her fashion faux pas"--Worst.Dressed.FLOTUS. . .EVER.

There's an article at American Thinker by Geoffrey P. Hunt: "A Broken President." It's seriously worth the read. Hunt suggests that we are a nation without a president: when we consider the modern version of the president as the inspirational leader of a free people, as the advocate and defender of America's greatness around the globe, as the champion of the oppressed and dispossessed while exhorting the self-confidence of individual achievement, the presidency under Obama has shriveled up, been rendered virtually irrelevant.

And of course, where was the commander-in-chief today on Veterans' Day? He was AWOL, naturally.

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