Sunday, November 14, 2010

Obama's Failure: Vanity?

Jonathan V. Last at The Weekly Standard has written a must-read article: "American Narcissus: The vanity of Barack Obama." Why has Barack Obama failed so spectacularly? Is he too dogmatically liberal or too pragmatic? Is he a socialist, or an anticolonialist, or a philosopher-president? Or is it possible that Obama’s failures stem from something simpler: vanity. Politicians as a class are particularly susceptible to mirror-gazing. But Obama’s vanity is overwhelming. It defines him, his politics, and his presidency.

The article is priceless.

"Are we having fun yet?" Here's a photo I found today posted on my favorite blog: Michelle Obama's Mirror's Blog. Holy Cow, does Zero look like a little bag of crap here, or what? Jeeze, this full-time job thing is hard.

Report on the overseas trip for Big Zero from our friends at MOMB:

10 days, 4 countries, zero trade agreements, zero agreement on trade imbalance, zero commitment from China to re-value the yuan, zero support from the other G-20 leaders, zero nuclear agreements. . . .BIG ZERO! Way to go, Champ. Seems that the world doesn't love you so much anymore.

If there's anyone out there who is positive this clown is going to run for re-election in 2012, I would recommend that they take a close look at that picture. Good Lord, we know that people age faster in the Office of the President, but this guy is looking like he's not going to make it to tomorrow.

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