Monday, November 22, 2010

"Don't Touch My Junk"

There's a meltdown happening with airport TSA security. Here's a YouTube video, found on Drudge, of the massive lines at O'Hare. Wait until Wednesday.

One passenger chose to strip rather than undergo a TSA "patdown." He was arrested.

Gloria Allred says she enjoyed having her private parts touched; Hillary Clinton, not so much.

Here's Bobby Jindal, asking a simple question: "Why is it that the Obama administration is more preoccupied with protecting the rights of terrorists, while subjecting law-abiding citizens to these intrusive body searches?" Why, indeed?

The TSA horror stories that are out there are legion. Here's one: "Please Remove Your Prosthetic Breast."

Charles Krauthammer has written one of the best pieces out there, as usual, about this issue: "Don't touch my junk," Washington Post.

Here's a YouTube video, "Heightened Airport Security"--h/t to one of my favorite followers.

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