Sunday, August 15, 2010

More Usable News

It's the dog days of summer. The heat in Missouri is relentless. Blogging seems too much like work. So I think I'll continue just posting here links to articles and websites that catch my eye.

Barack Obama's numbers hit new lows over the weekend, in between his Ramadan celebration dinner at the White House and his "vacation" time (hours!) photo op at the Gulf, where he encouraged "you" to do what he and his family clearly have no intention of doing, mainly spend vacation money at the beaches of the Gulf states. Although it's a little bit late to be making vacation plans, isn't it? He and his family, on the other hand, will be at Martha's Vineyard (again), for a 10-day extrava-palooza elitist retreat where they'll stay at an estate costing in the neighborhood of $50,000 per week.

So it isn't a big mystery why Big Zero's numbers hit a new big low over the weekend. According to Gallup, Obama is now below 50% in all income groups; only 42% of independents approve of his performance; only 37% of married voters approve. In the Gallup poll, 50% disapprove of the job Barry is doing as president, which is a new low for that poll. Over at Rasmussen, which keeps track of the Daily Presidential Tracking Poll, today's numbers show that 45% "strongly disapprove," while 26% "strongly approve" of Obama as president. The high strongly disapprove number is significant, since people who feel strongly about an issue are also inclined to VOTE.

One of the best thinkers and writers who turns up at HotAir is a guy who calls himself DOCTOR ZERO, named after an obscure comic book hero he followed during his college days. I read his posts every time they appear at HotAir. He also has a website, which I just found. He tends to "write long," but that's OK because he always has something thought-provoking to say. This time is an article he titles "The New Abnormal." Here's a snippet; the whole thing is a great read:

The New Abnormal is becoming a big part of the Democrats’ pre-election spin. Americans are supposed to accept their reduced standard of living and shrunken economy. They should lift their watery eyes in gratitude to the noble Democrat Party, which won’t let any semblance of fiscal responsibility stop them from looting the future to provide endless unemployment benefits. The entire concept of unemployment has become a welfare hammock, with people like Biden essentially telling the jobless that a substantial number of them (eight million!) can expect to spend the rest of their lives that way.

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