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Around the Blogosphere--News You Can Use

It's the dog days of summer, and the news is pretty slow, but I've been trolling around on the Internet the last few days and I came upon these interesting news tidbits, articles, and websites. Look at the top for the newest links.

It's not often that I wish I lived in Florida--nothing wrong with Florida, it's just not my style--but I wouldn't mind living there now just so that I could vote for Lt. Col. (Ret.) Allen West for the U.S. House. I wouldn't care what party he was representing, I would vote for this man. He talks about "restoring American exceptionalism." When was the last time you heard that from any politician? This guy is saying all the right things, as far as I'm concerned. His battle cry upon opening a new campaign office?--"Come and get it!"

In stark contrast, watch our incredibly petty president as Zero refuses to accept a letter about the problems of security along the border with Mexico from Rep. Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

What kind of a president does this, asks Elizabeth Scalia, the creator of The Anchoress website. "I guess it's a president who believes he is a prince, not an executive, a president who thinks he is supposed to rule, rather than lead, and a president who dares not accept a letter from a Governor  because he then won't be able to say he never read it or hasn't seen it." A president who hides under his desk and votes "present." And who preens for the cameras (what a look he's giving that woman with the cell phone camera--this guy thinks he's a rock star--"I'm too sexy for my hat").

You know, the DemocRats may just have a problem come this November (heh). Just one example of that is to be found on the Dewey from Detroit blogsite in the post: "The Michigan Giant Awakes." Dewey has posted an article from American Digest, from a fellow Michiganian--a Union Michiganian. After reading articles like this one, I'm starting to wonder if November is going to be the biggest bloodbath evah for the party in power.

We are everywhere in this country, but mostly we are in the blue states. We are beyond fed up with promises. We are beyond fed up with being taken for granted by our non-representing representatives. And we are determined to make a deafening exclamation point at the ballot box on Nov.2. After being unemployed for nearly two years, I am over the blame game of GOP versus DEM. Who in the heck cares?

I have been a Democrat all of my life. I am a union worker in a generation of union workers. My entire family are union workers. We are all Democrats. Not a one of us has even the slightest problem voting against the democratic party, The democratic party doesn’t exist anymore. We don’t recognize it, we don’t like it, we don’t buy what they’re selling and very soon WE will be giving THEM a pink slip.

The look on the soldier's face says it all. George & Laura made a surprise visit to the troops, showing up unannounced at the USO in the Dallas-Fort Worth airport. According to the article in the L.A. Times, they mingled with the soldiers, thanked them, chatted, and posed for photos as proof of the unexpected encounter for folks back home. "A President and First Lady who love their country and their country's military," someone was quoted as saying. God bless the troops. Can you even imagine O and Michelle Antoinette doing the same? No.

"Bozo the Spokesman," Robert Gibbs, is in trouble again. In an interview with The Hill in Washington (where else, since I sincerely doubt Gibbs goes anywhere else, which is part of his problem), Gibbs was blasting liberals who aren't in lock-step with O's policies, saying liberal naysayers would never regard anything the president said as good enough: "I hear these people saying he's like George Bush. Those people ought to be drug tested," Gibbs said. I mean, it's crazy." He went on to say that the "professional left" will be satisfied when we have Canadian healthcare and we've eliminated the Pentagon. They wouldn't be satisfied if Dennis Kucinich was president." Now some Democrats are calling for his resignation or even that he be fired.

Some, like Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn) think Gibbs went too far and that his dismissal would be "fair." "Why would he want to go and deliberately insult the president's base?" Afterwards, when asked if he stands by his comments, Gibbsy replied, "Yes." Seriously? An article at Politico by Ben Smith is entitled "Gibb's disdain, recoprocrated." This guy Gibbs has been a dumb-ass from Day One. Frankly, I hope he stays. You know, people used to apologize when they said or did something stupid. Now they do something called "walking it back." That's what Gibbs sort of tried to do when the interview was published, telling the Huffington Post: "I watch too much cable, I admit." This guy is a snarky, smirking jerk. I've always thought he was the perfect face of the Obama administration.

I started a really interesting book last night: The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration's War on America by Pamela Geller with Robert Spencer. She makes an excellent point: "The United States is the nation of enlightenment, of the power of the individual. But this is not Barack Obama's point of reference. Barack Hussein Obama did not grow up breathing these ideas. He spent a good portion of his childhood in Indonesia, and when he did move to the States to live with his grandparents when he was twelve, it was not to the continental United States, but off the mainland in Hawaii. Hawaii had only just become a state two years prior to his birth, and many on the island were not happy about it. So not only was it a nascent state, but many within it were hostile to the idea of America" (xv).

Here's a statistic that may blow your mind, from GatewayPundit: 1 of 15 children in the U.S. today has one illegal parent. And four out of five of them are "anchor babies." But Obama is suing Arizona for upholding the immigration law.

Will someone please explain this one to me? The Obama regime has cut $12 billion from the food stamp program. Say what? Evidently in the bill just passed by the House that provides $10 billion to school districts so that they can rehire laid-off teachers, is a requirement that $12 billion be stripped from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Some are saying that this is just part of a deal to pay off the unions. Yeah, Obama's and the liberals' hearts just bleed for the poor, don't they? Harry Reid says this will mean a reduction of about $60 a month for a family of four. I would submit that these fat Washington cats have NO CLUE what that will mean for some people. I wish just one journalist out there would ask Harry Reid, "Hey Harry, tell us if you know, what's the price of a gallon of milk?"

This is an excellent article at JOSHUAPUNDIT about the controversy surrounding "A Mosque At Ground Zero."

Seriously, if you don't read any other article this week, read this one. It's that good. It's from the Wall Street Journal by Fouad Ajami: "The Obsolescence of Barak Obama": "The magic of 2008 can't be recreated, and good riddance to it."

This is a must-read from Ottawa Citizen: "Mischief in Manhattan: We Muslims know the Ground Zero mosque is meant to be a deliberate provovation."

There's anotheer article with more information and links at American Thinker: "Muslims Speak Out Against the Ground Zero Mosque, by Eileen F. Toplansky.

Let's celebrate real tolerance. Greg Gutfeld: "I'm raising money to build a Muslim gay bar next to the Ground Zero mosque." Allahpundit on HotAir says he's looking forward to the congratulatory Mike Bloomberg press conference. Gutfeld says, this is no joke. He also says, "This may be the greatest idea I ever had."

There's an interesting article at the Washington Examiner by Glenn Harlan Reynolds: "Further thoughts on the higher education bubble." Reynolds says this: "My reasoning is simple enough: Something that can't go on forever, won't. And the past decades' history of tuition growing much faster than the rate of inflation, with students and parents making up the difference via easy credit, is something that can't go on forever." This is a must-read.

Karl Rove was a guest host on Rush Limbaugh's radio program on Monday. He's got a great website.

Here's some news about the Pro-Dem Carville-Greenberg poll: "Shows disastrous news for Dems." This is posted on Ben Hart's website. This is a poll run by former Bill Clinton advisers James Carville and Stan Greenberg: "When asked about how they intend to vote in November, 52% of those who voted in 2008 said they plan to vote Republican to lodge a protest about current economic conditions. Only 41% plan to support Democrats."

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) has been charged on three ethics counts of violating House rules. Breitbart's Big Government has the details: "House ethics panel outlines charges against Waters."

This is from THE FOUNDARY, "Morning Bell: Under Obamanomics, Government Workers Win, You Lose." Today the U.S. House of Representatives is expected to approve YET ANOTHER BAILOUT for those states that have proved incapable of controlling their spending on government worker pay, benefits, and pensions.

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