Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Missourians Thumb Their Noses at ObamaCare

Updates on the final count below. Updates from HotAir below.

I proudly cast a "Yes" vote for Prop C today in Missouri, and it turns out I was part of 74%--Wow!--who did the same, voting yes on Prop C, billed as the "Health Care Freedom Act." Today's vote in Missouri was the first-in-the-nation referendum on ObamaCare. See the story in Time here. A "yes" vote signaled a rejection of the Pelosi-Obama Rationed Health Care Plan.

Our friend Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit has the real story: "Show Me State" Shows ObamaCare the Door"

Today was the hottest day of the year, but it didn't keep people from going to the polls and voting to challenge the individual mandate set up by ObamaCare. Forty-two states are lined up to vote on a similar challenge to O-Care. Thank you, Missouri, for leading the way today.

HotAir also has a report, plus comments as usual.

Oh, and P.S. Overall, the Republican turnout was huge compared to the Dims. Uh-oh. Something tells me this isn't going to be Barry-O's best year. Hey Barry--HAPPY BIRTHDAY from MISSOURI!


From the NYT: "In Missouri, Health Law Is Rejected by Voters"

From the WSJ: "Missouri Voters Oppose Mandatory Health Insurance"

From the LA Times: "Prop C - Nation Is Watching Missouri Primary"

The final vote, after the votes in the cities were counted (after all the ballots from the cemeteries, felons, and "Micky Mouse" had finally been gathered together--that takes awhile, you know) was 71%.

Update #2. Oh Lordy, do I love this. The headline at HotAir this morning: "Missouri pops the ObamaCare-media bubble." This is from Ed Morrissey: "One meme had materialized over the last couple of weeks that ObamaCare had begun to get more popular with voters. Using a couple of carefully-selected media polls, the White House had started this claim and the press seemed willing to ignore (yeah, duh) the avalanche of other polling showing that solid majorieties favor repeal of the overhaul and the candidates who argue for repeal. That meme died in Missouri"--YES!

From one of the snarky commenters at HotAir: "So, when is Eric Holder plannig on filing the lawsuit against Missouri?" hahaha

Update #3. I just heard on Fox News (where else) that NONE of the major network news outlets covered this story--not NBC, CBS, or ABC on their "nightly news" shows. It's no surprise; however, it's notable, just the same.

This photo was on the front page of our weekly town paper, the Webster-Kirkwood Times. That was a surprise to me, since the neighboring towns of Webster Groves and Kirkwood vote overwhelming Democrat and liberal. Interesting. The paper did report that the "Democrats in the Obama camp . . . see Prop. C as a 'yawner'--and a symbolic political gesture." A yawner, huh? Well, not so much, and it's funny how those "symbolic" political gestures (throwing tea into Boston harbor?) can turn out to be damned powerful. Congrats to all who worked so hard on Prop C!

Update #4. Hilarious. The Hill is reporting the response from White House spokesperson Bob Gibbs regarding his take on the Missouri vote against the ObamaCare mandate: "Asked what it means that voters in Missouri would vote against the federal mandate, Gibbs said, "Nothing."

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