Monday, September 10, 2012

President Empty Chair

Yet an unbelievable percentage of "the people" still seem to love the guy.

Would someone please explain to me how President Empty Chair actually got a bounce out of that Democrat convention? That comes from Gallup: Forty-three percent of Americans say what they saw at last week's Democrat convention makes them more likely to vote for Barack Obama. OK, so I guess 43% of Americans are stupid.* That's the only thing I can conclude. I guess what I would ask about that number is what I ask about every poll: who are the people being polled? "Likely voters" poll very differently than generic "Americans." But that doesn't matter, since the lamestream media now has their talking point: Obama got a bounce from the convention; Romney did not. And we'll hear that for the next week.

So the generic Gallup group is in love with O, but are they likely to get up off the couch and vote for their hero? I sure hope not. The enthusiasm isn't there even if the love is. And O is out there on the campaign trail telling his sycophants that "you'll love me even more" in his second term. Well, buddy, only if you give away more "free" stuff, which I guess is what he's going to do--or at least he'll tell these poor sops that that's what he's going to do.

According to Rasmussen, 17% of people polled rate the economy as good or excellent. And yet, also according to Rasmussen, 52% of voters say that they at least somewhat approve of O's job performance. There's such a huge disconnect between those two polls, that I don't even know where to start with it. How can his job approval be even approaching that number? We are looking an economic apolalypse straight in the face, and 52% of voters say they approve of Obama?

Good Lord, you fools, wake up. Did you people miss the report from the Federal Reserve saying that the median U.S. household lost 39% of its wealth between 2007 and 2010? And what has O and his administration done to make those numbers better? Just askin'. I wonder how much more we've lost between 2010 and 2012? Bet on it that we won't hear anything about that until after the election--or never, if the Dims have their way.

P.S. My friends at Hot Air remind me not to panic about the polls. There's a new one out from Public Policy Polling (PPP) that has O leading in Ohio by 5 points over Romney, 50-45. Says PPP, "This is the largest lead PPP has found for Obama in an Ohio poll since early May. Last month Obama led 48-45."

But it's the sample, stupid--and that proves true in the PPP poll as well. The sample has a D/R/I split of 41/37/22. The 37% for Repubs matches their 2010 midterm turnout, which had a D/R/I of 36/37/38. Very sneaky--very clever of PPP, but we're not stupid. We're actually learning to ask these questions (some of us). That 41% for Dems significantly exceeds turnout. Plus they're playing fast and loose with the Independent numbers. Has there been a 16-point drop in Independents in Ohio? Has Ohio suddenly become a lot more Democrat than it was in 2010? Other models, according to Hot Air, have Ohio deadlocked and in some cases even edging towards Romney.

This kind of "poll" is useful for the lamestream leftist press to use to push their meme about Obama taking a lead since the convention. Clearly they've got so much invested in this clown that they're going to continue down that road. But stay tuned....

P.P.S. Here's an article pushing back against the lamestream meme at Big Journalism: "Facts, History Undermine Media Con That Obama Win Is Inevitable ," by John Nolte. Over the past ten days, what hasn't surprised me is how the corrupt media created its own pro-Obama reality coming out of the conventions. What does surprise me is how this coordinated psy-ops push is working to panic a lot of conservatives. Read the article here.

*Actually, there might be another explanation for the Obama-friendly Gallup poll. Check out Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs: "Obama Bullying Gallup . . . DOJ Is Suing Them."

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Anonymous said...

barry obama is UNlikable. obama calls the American taxpayers names, mocks us, ridicules us. Not likable. He's an arrogant thug from the c-word, illionois.

Also, horrible golfer, horrible bowler, and throws like a little kid.
Guzzles his White House honey ale. Tries to eat whole ice cream cones and hotdogs.

Romney/Ryan 2012.