Thursday, September 13, 2012

"These optics suck, White House!"

Last night on Hannity, Michelle Malkin blasted Obama and his lack of foresight for protecting the embassies abroad on the anniversary of 9/11--and the leftist media for covering for him. She was on fire, even more than usual.

Hannity: Michelle, when you look at the height of this Arab spring, and Tahir Square, where American reporters were getting punched in the face . . . there were some in the media and the punditry class, and the President, and the Vice President, telling the world, “Democracy,” as the President helped push Mubarak out. Now we’re giving the Muslim Brotherhood 1.5 billion dollars and meetings in the White House. And the President fails to acknowledge what happened yesterday was the result of radical Muslim extremists.

Michelle: Right. That’s right. He won’t say those words, he won’t acknowledge the coddling that this administration is responsible for, and the subsidizing with taxpayer dollars of the kind of Islamic violent agitation that we are now seeing. Keep in mind that the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, the so-called Freedom and Justice Party [FJP], is the one that’s instigating now all of these so-called peaceful protests that are going to erupt from now through Friday, through next Friday and every Friday because every Friday in the jihad world it’s Riot Friday against anything anti-Western.

Pretext is the word of the day, the word of the century here, because any perceived insult that can be exploited to castigate, to demonize, and to provoke violence against the West is the agenda of this group, Muslim Brotherhood, and all of its affiliates. “Jihad is our way” is part of their official slogan. “Death for the sake of Allah” is what they strive for. And the network of Wahhabi subsidized groups that have been offshoots of the Muslim Brotherhood across this country—it’s very important that people understand that. What was 9/11 about? It’s not about “Will we ever forget, never forget.” It’s will we ever learn, it’s the Muslim Student Association, it’s the ISNA, it’s the Muslim-American Society—it’s all of the groups that the Bush Justice Department helped prosecute. But of course, whether it’s a Republican State Department or a Democratic State Department, you’ve got this attitude of dhimmitude that is killing Americans abroad and that threaten us here at home.

Hannity: But the President now is sucking up to the Muslim Brotherhood. They get invited to the White House, they get American taxpayer dollars, they push Mubarak out, paving the way for the Brotherhood. This is their definition of democracy. How is it possible that the President didn’t read the Pew Poll, didn’t read the other polls, that the people of Egypt wanted sharia law, that they wanted a theocracy . . . how is it possible, with all of his intelligence—we sit here on the set of Fox News Channel, we predicted with pinpoint accuracy what would happen, [but] the President, with all his resources, got it wrong, and to this day can’t admit it, and he’s off campaigning in Vegas.

Michelle: Well, it’s willful and deliberate whitewashing of the civilizational threats that face us. And I was completely disgusted by the clip that you showed at the beginning of your show, Sean, because . . . These optics suck White House! I mean we have four Americans who are dead who were butchered and slaughtered because this administration did not have the foresight to fortify these embassies on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11. And there he is with all of his fanbois and fangirls in Vegas raising money while they scream ‘I love you!’ in the middle of an international crisis.

And how about his statement this afternoon in the Rose Garden. He couldn’t muster up a single flash of anger or outrage that these Americans are dead now?

Hannity: “Tough day” is what he said.

Michelle: “Tough day. Woe is me.” The bloodlessness of his statement makes my blood boil. And it should make every American’s blood boil, especially in this week, which was a tough week for all of the 3,000 families of people who died on 9/11.

Hannity: The worst part—this is why everybody’s blood should be boiling, everybody. Because for nine and a half hours the official position of the Obama administration’s State Department was an official apology to the people who breached our embassy and ripped down our flag—and we apologize to them?

Michelle: Their knee-jerk response is whitewash, it always has been whitewash. What did the State Department do, what did the U.S. embassy do, after they were caught with this ridiculous statement that the White House cut and ran from? They tried to delete it. And thanks to social media—we had it at our site at—those deleted tweets that they tried to bury down the memory hole. And then we have this feckless lapdog media that’s conspiring to make this whole issue about Romney, instead of about Obama. It’s on his hands. The buck stops with you, buddy.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with everything Michelle said.

Obama is FOR the terrorists. Obama is on the side of EVIL EVERY time. 100% of the time. It is not hit or miss. He has furthered the goal of the Islamist Terrorist in every case.

Romney/Ryan 2012.